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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorta. :-P

I did have a another post on finding in balance in life that I should have put up on Friday but it's been a busy weekend, so I'll throw that one up tomorrow.

But today the annual The Word On The Street book and magazine festival in Toronto, for book lovers you really should get down there, and it's the perfect day for it (as I type this it's a gorgeous, sunny day out).

I volunteered to man the booth for my local chapter of Romance Writers of America for an hour starting at 5pm. I believe we're located in the ironically named: Writers Block (yukyukyuk) and may be right beside, or very close by, the Harlequin booth. Stop by and say hi. Various chapter members have goodies to give away or books for sale (at a discounted price, I presume).

I'll be giving away these:

Chapbooks for Hunter of the Heart.

They contain excerpts from chapters 1 & 2. It took weeks to get the layout right for them. All the directions I found online were more for a folded brochure type chapbook. I had the covers done at the printers, then the real fun of cutting and stapling happened. Wheeeeee!::choke:: From a reader point of view I love chapbooks, but, yeah, labour intensive and tedious in the assembly.

And since we're riding this promo train,
have you taken a look the sidebar? Katrina from Kika Designs did an awesome job with the new gif for Hunter of the Heart, didn't she? ::lovelovelove:: She also did a slightly different kick-ass version for Romance Junkie.

I'll leave you with a little snippet from the opening of HotH-

Chapter One

From far off a solitary owl repeated its query, while closer by small rodents darted through the undergrowth. All seemingly normal, and yet…there was an odd quality to the woods tonight. The wolf paused on his way back to camp, ears pricked, snout raised.

He parsed out the commingled scents of various prey, the damp musk of rotting vegetation and the bitter tang of the new. There was something else here…something faint and unfamiliar that almost blended with the rest—

A sudden string of howls ripped through the night, destroying his musing.


Nate sprang forward, racing deeper into the forest. He scrabbled down a steep ravine, claws gouging the earth, paws sliding over the bones of the weak and forgotten.

Again, the agonized howls tore through the night air, each one more frantic until the cries broke off abruptly.

Silence followed.

Complete. Suffocating. Ratcheting the terror that strummed through his veins. He reached out telepathically, wrapping her pain in his love and strength, shielding her from his desperation. He should have never left her alone.

“Beth, hold on, babes! I’m coming.”

One crazed leap and he was over the cadaver of a fallen oak and powering his way up the opposite slope. Muscles coiled, stretched, then snapped in recoil as he covered ground back to his mate.

“Nathan? I-I love you…”

Their bond began to wane in the ebbing tide of her life-force and Nate stumbled, flipping head over tail, scrambling to find his footing.

“No! Wait!”

His yowl set off a riot of wings in the branches above and he sprung forward again, pushing himself until the wind knifed through his pelt.

Up ahead in the moonlight, a large dark shape hunched over his mate while Beth’s foreleg twitched, splayed claws scratching feebly at the air.

For Nate, an eternity passed before that ghastly tableau dissolved with a last trailing whine as her leg descended.

Now there was only the insidious sounds of seeking tongue against warm flesh, the soft tear of muscle and sharp crunch of bones. They burrowed in his ear, mushrooming in his head. His sight went dark and instinct took over.


* * * * *

If you haven't checked them out already, there are excepts on the books page of my site and a different excerpt over on Samhain.
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