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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Once again, I've proven how much a suck as a blogger. Case in point, about 3-4hrs ago on Twitter I said I was coming over here to blog (had a subject in mind) then went off and did 9 million other things, and now I'm on my way out the door.

Figured the easiest thing to do was post a snippet of the current WIP. Which is about to go on the backburner for awhile (more on that in another post--maybe tomorrow?)

Snippet from In All Her Glory(to quote Missy Elliot- copywritten, so don't copy me):

“Got a live one.” Colton gave the heads-up just when Glory had thought the night was going to be a bust.

She switched her attention from the wall-mounted TV behind the bar to the mirrored-back shelves. The Crossroads had a good crowd tonight but it was easy enough to pick out the mark in the room’s reflection—-considering he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse and projecting bad-assery as if it was on wi-fi.

Sporting greasy-looking hair on the longish side, tight tee, loose jeans and pseudo tribal tats on biceps so large they were cartoonish, He didn’t walk as much as swagger.

And he was heading straight in her direction.

Poor thing.

She winked at Colton and he nodded before moving a little further along the bar, studiously wiping down the already clean surface. The bait squeezed in beside her. A faint whiff of sweat wafted from him along with a whole lot of delicious testosterone. Oh this one was primed. He ordered a draft or something—-who cared what. She was more aware of just how intensely he was scoping her out, and how his interest was a heady mix of amusement, belligerence and simmering lust.

It was the last two emotions that stirred her interest in him.

Glory expanded her allure as she raised her glass, then she lightly touched the edge with her tongue—-just to tighten the chokehold she already had on his attention.
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