Catch up: A balancing Act

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I’m muddling my way through a bunch of stuff. For years now it felt like my life was extremely out of balance and I was trying to find my way back to center. This year, so far, things are falling in place more or less. So far, no bouts of insomnia. I get a decent night’s sleep and get up early enough in the morning to make breakfast and my lunch (plus snacks). Two-fold bonus there, I eat healthier, and cheaper. It was easy to spend $10 to $20 a day on lunch and breakfast when I used to buy them downtown because I had to rush off to work.

Speaking of work, it’s been a lot less crazy than last year. It still has moments of insanity, but they’re blips rather than constant. Less stress means I can think and plan about other aspects of my life, like… writing!

No, I’m not doing 5K words a day but I leave for the office early and take the train in the opposite direction (bear with me). I’m close to the end of the line, so when I take the train towards the end of the line, instead of downtown, I’m guaranteed my choice of seating, so I can sit and write during the commute downtown, instead of standing squashed like a sardine for the ride. I do stand when I change trains but I use that time to beta read for a crit partner (Hi Raine!) via the dropbox app on my iphone and use the notes app to write comments/observations. This weekend, I’ll update the sidebar with the progress meter which should start moving at a steady pace. Fingers that I’ll have another submission ready to go before the end of the year!
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azteclady said...

*crossing fingers*

I'm all for healthier and cheaper eating--when you add it up at the end of the month, it's a shocker to discover how much money you spend 'eating out,' isn't it?

vanessa jaye said...

I'd cross my fingers too, but then i couldn't type. *g* ::mentally crossing my fingers::

Aztec it was insane the money I spent on buying restaurant food/take out/delivery last year. I'm also including buying dinner/takeouts for me and my son in this because wrking 14hr days and going in regularly on the weekends wasn't conducive to cooking at home.

I easily spent the equivalent of a week's worth of grocery (food only) in one day's worth of takeout. O.o

raine said...

Glad things are leveling off for ya, hon (& thanks!).

vanessa jaye said...

Levelling in some ways, and in others.... :-P

But, I should thank you! Critiquing/beta reading has helped keep me focused/disciplined on my own writing.

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