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Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm finally (almost) back to normal. The month from hell is over and the nasty cold that hit me last week is in its last trailing stages. A possible plumbing emergency has been averted and today is the last day of a well deserved 4-day weekend that I sooo needed. The bad news is I'm going through another round of insomnia. :-/

Ah, well, the insomnia did serve me well yesterday while I worked on the manuscript till after 2am this morning. Revisions are done. We'll see if the editor likes it. (Second round of revisions, second editor, all prior to a --oh please let it be!--sale. I guess I'm still an unknown quality, and considering how long it takes me to write, I can't blame them to ask for revisions first (despite how minor) before possibly offering a contract.) Anyhow HotH is now just under 50K.

This weekend I also finally got around to brushing off the Sony ereader. I haven't used it since last year! Read a couple of fun reads - Cara McKenna's Willing Victim and Lisa Marie Rice's Woman on the Run. I love LMR's heroes, so it was a given I'd enjoy that book (gave it 3 stars over on Goodreads) but the real treat was Mckenna's book. It deals with consensual rough role play during lovemaking, which might make a lot of folks uncomfortable, but it was really well done. I loved the H/h and for a really hot erotic novel, there was plenty of story/character development. The book was a keeper and I'll be on the lookout for Ms. Mckenna's books in the future.

Think I'm on a bit of an erotic romance jag. Today I plan to (re)read Jaide Black's The Empress' New Clothes. I read it eons ago when it first released, but saw a recent review that made me want to read it again. Also, got an idea for an erotic short I'd like to get started on (although, knowing me, it'll turn into a full length book)

So that's my catch up.
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