Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sorry for the absence guys,

Work is taking its toll again. September is going to be brutal (I'll be going into the office this afternoon, and for a couple of hours tomorrow too, Pretty much expect to be working most weekends for the next month to meet projected deadlines.)

Twitter's 140-character post are all that I've got the energy for, and even then it's only on weekends. Also been managing to keep my Goodreads account up to date with current reading and a brief review or two.

But coming up with a ooherent post for the blog? Just the thought hurts my brain. I may have to cross-post some of book reading stuff from Goodreads, or interesting linkage from twitter. Aside from that, I've got a few decent joke emails I'll post.

So, yeah, the blog is on a meaningful content diet for the month of September. :-P
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azteclady said...


vanessa jaye said...

Hey, Aztec, I missed this comment. Thanks hon. :-)

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