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Monday, March 15, 2010

I was really sick over the weekend. Slept 12hrs straight Friday night, was up for about 4hrs Saturday morning, then wrapped up with a blanket on the sofa and fell asleep for another 4 hrs. I'm over the worst of it now, but still a bit phlegmy.


I plucked Alisa Sheckley's The Better To Hold You from out of the pile of books on the bedroom floor to read during my convalescence ::snort::. What a really great book! Kelly Armstrong's Bitten is one of my all time fav books and TBTHY is very much in that vein of book. More of a straight fiction slant (to me) than paranormal romance, loved the world-building and the development of the love interest. Sure I have quibbles with it (some of the world building doesn't bare too close inspection and there were times I found myself inpatient with the heroine), but the book is a keeper.
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Sasha White said...

Ohhh Thanks for the recommend. I might check it out.

Hope you feel better!

vanessa jaye said...

Sash, I think you'll really like this one.(just remembered you're a Bitten fan). The sequel to The Better To Hold You, didn't work out for me, unfortunately. I ended up DFN'ing it. :-(

I do feel better today than I have for the past two weeks. I'm guessing I had a wicked sinus infection. Thanks for the well wishing.

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