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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A friend, who knows the insane hours I've been putting in lately at work (yes, I did go in last weekend, Saturday and Sunday), sent me this gif with the subject header:

If anyone asks you to work on a weekend, then .. This is what u shd do :-)

No one actually asked me to go in on the weekend. I knew I had to if I wanted to meet my deadlines :-/ but after my initial chuckle, I couldn't help thinking that a better title might be:

Author vs Manuscript/Revisions

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Anonymous said...

Stop ya complaining. Back in my day I worked 48 hours straight without eyes, legs and arms

vanessa jaye said...

Folks, meet my smartass son above.

Lynn Viehl said...

Your son reminds me of my daughter, who just informed me that I am too old to remember the horrors of PMS, and it probably wasn't as bad back in the Jurassic era anyway.

I finished StarDoc today. As in the last set of revisions on the last book. I won't feel like it's really over until I correct the proofs, but the writing is finished. The kids took me out to dinner but after the self-beating I gave myself over the last couple days, I didn't have much appetite. I kept thinking, "God, what did I forget? I know I forgot something."

vanessa jaye said...

Oh my son use to make lots of little swipes at my age (dinosaur jokes, etc), but lately he's confined himself to an inordinate amount of fascination with the grey hairs that have been propogating on my head like mad in the last year or so.

I haven't read the StarDoc books, but from reading your posts, what a journey that's been, Lynn. Congrats on bringing closure to that series. I doubt you forgot anything, you can always do a short ebook if you did.

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