I'm Thinking of Changing the Title of the WIP

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Hunter of the Heart to Bane of My Existence.

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raine said...

Lol at the "Bane". :D


Ok, don't make me come up there...

vanessa jaye said...

I'm going through some bouts of apathy with this story, Raine. Doesn' help that I'm exhausted 90% of the time from work. I did break it open for about 45mins while I was in bed last night and did some tweaking, and it feels like it's on point again. I seem to spend an awful lot of time writing, deleting 3/4 of what I wrote then tweaking the rest before moving forward. Very frustrating way to write.

Mary G said...

Hi Vanessa
I guess this is not a good time to ask for an ETA on the next book lol. I loved Felicity Stripped Bare - one of my faves last year. I know this won't help but I have heard that the harder a book is to write the better it turns out.
Best wishes

vanessa jaye said...

Hi Mary!

Thanks for dropping by :-) I'm soo happy you enjored Felicity Stripped Bare (and a little speechless--in a happy sort of way--that it's one of your fav reads. ::grin::)

"I guess this is not a good time to ask for an ETA on the next book"

You guessed right!! lol. Seriously, ::shifty eyes:: uhm... soon...ish. :-P

Because I've given tentative finish dates before, I'm reluctant to give anymore ETAs. But I'm definitely in the last quarter of the book and I aim to get it in to my editor early enough to have it on sale to the publich this year (if she buys it).

Mary G said...

No pressure Vanessa. It was more of a compliment because Felicity struck a chord in me. I actually emailed you but I don't know if you got it. Here it is:

I absolutely loved Felicity Stripped Bare.You had me at the first page. I so loved all your great expressions starting with butt-cheek clench. That scene with Cheryl & Stu bickering at each other was just dynamite dialogue. I also love HOT stories & this book just had it all. I just hated one part (not a criticism because I know it was part of the story) and that was when Daniel said "I can't accept you". I thought my heart was going to break & it was his fault!!
It was also cool that it took place in my home town. It was great to read the place names & actually see them in my head. Are you from around here? If so I'm pleased that there is more Canadian talent out there and Elle Kennedy (another fave) is not alone at Samhain. I was in the book store & your book stuck out because its not too often you see a Samhain on the shelves especially at the Coles in Pickering. I read the blurb but I decided to wait till I had more books to buy. I went home & looked up your book & went back later. OMG it is so good. Best wishes to you. Can't wait to read more.

I also recommended it on numerous blogs & called it a hidden gem because it such an unexpected find.
(but no pressure LOL)

vanessa jaye said...

Mary I never got that email! I feel bad about that because I do reply to all email. But wow, I'm saving your comment. lol. I was at the office till 11pm last night and will have to go back in some time this weekend, so your comment is just the pick me up I needed.

I love that you hated that scene with Daniel. He was hurt, and he was cruel to Felicity as a result. If you felt her devastation, then that scene did its job. ::twirling villanous author moustachio::

I had a blast with that exchange between Cheryl and Stuart. I was sort of afraid my editor would ask me to scale it back because it went on too long. Thankfully, she didn't.

Yes, I'm a Toronto native. Lived in the Dufferin/Bathurst/St.Clair area (where Felicity lived) for many years. But when it came to buying a house I had to move further out of the city, yet stay close to the transit line (no car at the moment. Never needed on with the St. Clair streetcar running 24hrs and everything within walking distance).

I am now in Scarberia (heh) where I thought I'd never be (hardcore city dweller that I am). After 3 yrs am still getting used to being out here, but I love the surrounding ravines. You're just east of me. :-)

You'll be happy to know that the H/h of the current wip, Hunter of the Heart, are also from the Toronto area (although there's scenes in South America, Florida and the Caribbean).

I think this post is getting longish. *g* so I'll end by saying thank you for spreading the word about Felicity. :-D And, btw, if you email me at vanessajaye-AT-hotmail-DOTCOM with your snail mail address I can send you some bookmarks/bookplate, if you'd like. :-)

Mary G said...

Hi Vanessa
Commenting here just in case.
I did send you an email. Thanks so much. (your post was not too long at all.)

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