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Saturday, January 02, 2010

I went into the office for half day yesterday and came home with a low grade migraine. Despite taking meds I still woke up with some residual headachey-ness and feeling like I'd gone on a bender the night before. Got the hangover without the fun of the champers before.

Still, I managed to tackle some major things on the to-do list today, like clean the fridge and (re)organize the linen closet. Such a glamorous life I lead. lol.

But if I don't make a concerted effort to get a bunch of stuff done/errands run before I go back to work, god knows when they'll get done. Tomorrow, I have to run around downtown, but at some point I need to clean the oven and clear the spare bedroom of most of the junk stored in there to make room for the desk I bought last summer but never got around to assembling.

Hey, wake up! I'm talkin here. lol.

But what makes me most happy, is, between all the other stuff I'm crossing of THE LIST (that's the way I'm thinking of it now, ALL CAPS) I've managed to make some steady headway on the revisions to the wip.

I haven't been updating the progress meter because for the longest while the revisions were resulting more in deletions/losing words than layering/expanding. But... I just finished the last 'new scene' in the middle of the story, and the word count on the revisions has finally moved forward. Granted, it's not a huge amount--a lot of writers do that as a daily goal. Whatevs. I made my peace with the snail's pace on this wip a long time ago. Plus I knew the story has improved with the changes. And now, from here on in, it'll be mostly tweaking till I get to the end, which will be rewritten/expanded.

I'm hoping to get started on that new ending before I go back to work and get stressed out of my mind again. Target for finishing this damn ms is the end of the month.

Hope to god I sell this f@#!er once it's done. Then thank the lord and pass the gravy I can FINALLY start something new. *If* I'm lucky I'll have a release out this year.

::fingers crossed::

So, nice way to start the year with the feeling of making solid progress on this ms after spinning my wheels most of last year.
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azteclady said...

*crossing fingers (and toes) for a Vanessa Jaye story this year*

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you, Aztec. I'm still buzzing along, with the to-do list and the writing.

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