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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've been absent from the blog again; sorry, it's the demands of the day job and trying to have a balanced life overall. Something has to give. Can't be helped. Nuff said about that.

The werewolf novella revisions are still limping along at a steady/slow pace but I'm still hoping to finish around the end of the month. I'm in the middle of reworking the last existing scene--I kinda pushed the HEA/I love's you in this scene and my editor wasn't buying it. She was right. I knew I was trying to shoe-horn it. Now I have to undo all those emotional revelations/introspections/dialogues so it can happen at a more natural pace for the extended/new ending.

On today's to-do list: Since moving into the house 3 years ago, we've hung one mirror and two pictures. All the pictures/mirrors we had up at the apartment are still stacked in the basement and after the massive spring-cleaning binge I went on over the holidays I want to get some of pics up. The place is a bit sterile at the moment. Why the 3 year delay? All the walls in here are plaster, so I can't just hammer a nail into the wall. We need to pre-drill holes, then use that plastic thingie, then put the nail in. Pain. In. The. Butt. :-/

Reading: Alafair Burke. I love her Ellie Hatcher series--Angel's Tip and Dead Connection. I think book three is coming out in March. I HIGHLY recommend these books. The main protagonist is very likable and the books have good pacing. I guess you'd called these police procedurals (there's a Law & Order vibe to them, imo) and in both books there was a subtle romantic interest.

Not sure what to read next. I recently unearthed my copy of Lisa Valdez's Passion and I'd like to re-read it before Patience is released. I'd also like to get back to The Secret To Everything (I put it aside to read Dead Connection. I was only a couple of pages in, but PBW's review makes me want to jump back into it right away.) and just yesterday I picked up this book:

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

I love those futuristic/distopian computers-dominate/take-over-the-world movies-- The Matrix, Terminator, Minority Report, Surrogates et al--and this book looks like fun. (Bare in mind that I have a bit of an aversion to reading books over 400pages (stupid, I know. So, sue me. ::shug::) and this one is over 600) I might go this is choice.

Watching: The Shield.

How the heck did I miss this show while it was on? We've been watching the season's DVD and it's just a fantastic show. Awesome writing/acting and great characterization and dense plotting. I'll have to put my writer's hat on at some point to analyze/deconstruct a season, just to how the arcs were planned out. I think it would a worthy excercise.

Also on DVD, but haven't gotten around to watching yet:

Final Destination 4. LOL. I luuuuurve this cheezy series.

The Perfect Getaway, which I heard is a really good thriller (and what's not to like about watching Tim Olyphant? yum).

The Hurt Locker. Lot's of good buzz on this. Think it just got the Golden Globe or Critic's Choice nom for best pic, but it appeals to me because it looks like it's character driven with lots of good/real personality conflict.

So, that's my catch-up.
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Lynn Viehl said...

I am not really here commenting; I'm working like a slave on the book. So this is all a pigment of your imagination. :)

I hope this is the cruise ship werewolf book. Definitely want to read that one. Hurry UP.

And yikes, Patience is really hitting the shelves? (first I've heard of this, but since you got me to read Passion, not surprised.) I'll have to redo my preorder that B&N keeps cancelling. Maybe light a candle at church for Lisa, too.

At the moment I'm rereading all my Sara Donati Wilderness books to prep for the last one, The Endless Forest, which should be out on Tuesday, and then Stephanie Tyler's Too Hot to Hold is next on the TBR.

vanessa jaye said...

Patience is coming out April 6, She-who-is-not-really-here. :-P

I so want to read Donati's Wilderness books, but everytime I browse through on in the store my eyes start squealing because of the teeny tiny font. :-/

I'm writing!

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