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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The lovely Ms. Raine Weaver has a new book out today! It's a two-fer: 2 novellas-- The Rose Legacy and Ravenous--in one book.

Raine's a long-time friend, a sometime crit partner and always talented.

Check it out:

Hotter Than Hell

Want a taste of Heaven? Go to Hell.

Legend has it that the Incubi were originally fallen angels, irresistible creatures who sacrificed their place in Paradise for the touch of mortal lovers. They live among us still, in the shadowy, dream-haunted fringes of modern society, indulging their insatiable lust and feeding on our desire—with our blessings.

To read an excerpt, go here.

Available at Samhain Publishing.
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raine said...

Aw, thanks hon!! {{hug!}}

vanessa jaye said...

No worries, hon. I'm looking forward to digging into my copy.

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