Sunday, September 20, 2009

I really meant to blog this weekend, but I crashed after another stressful week at work, and was dealing with a migraine most of the day Saturday. Then for some unknown reason I decided to open up the mss around midnight that night. I think I only meant to look over some stuff I'd fiddled with during the week, but ended up staying up till 2:45am.

So, yeah, was dragging my butt again on Sunday. :-P

But(!!) the first part of the revisions/additions are done, now that I stopped trying to force the story in a wrong direction.

Next on the list is to go through the mss with the aim to either layer in stuff or tweak/cut what's there so it fits with the new scenes. Currently, there's a section in the story that's referenced as (paraphrasing): 'several tense days went by'. I'm going to flesh that out with a scene or two that will ::fingers crossed:: show more development of the romance. Lastly, the ending is going to get changed. And that will be that. Hopefully my (new) editor will like the results.

So that's the 411 on the current writing. Now if the brutal grind/pace at work would ease up.

As for past writing, my wonderful webmistress/site designer--Katrina Glover--has uploaded a couple of deleted scenes from Felicity Stripped Bare over on the bookshelf part of this site, over here.

They mostly feature Daniel's (hero) parents. I just loved the relationship between Michael and Elle. Michael came off as one of the 'bad' guys in the story, but I think all the scenes between him and Elle tempered that quite a bit and made you see things a bit more from his pov and how much he wanted sucess for his son. You also saw how he was with Elle. And since it's pretty clear she's a savvy lady, and wouldn't be with a total jackass,(lol) it made Michael an more sympathetic character.

There's actually 3 deleted scenes, but I forgot to send the last one when I sent the others, so that'll be posted later and I'll let you know.

Edited to add: all the scenes are posted now.

That's it. I'm soooo looking forward to this weekend. I. Am. Not. Bringing. Work. Home. I'm going to sleep in both days, and see that Bruce Willis movie
Surrogate on Saturday.
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azteclady said...


Hang in there, woman

Lynn Viehl said...

I'd love to know what you think of Surrogates, especially if it would be an appropriate movie for just-past-tween girls to see? (My girlchild and her BFF want to see it, but none of my friends have so I don't have a realistic handle on how graphic the content is.)

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks Aztec. I really wished they'd find someone (preferable *two* someones) the pace and volume of work is just killing us. :-/

vanessa jaye said...

Lynn, my cupboards were bare and I had to do grocery shopping, then it started raining, so I've put off the movie till tomorrow. But I will let you know or post here about it.

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