Lisa Valdez, yet again with Patience

Sunday, August 23, 2009

**edited to add--I've been getting a lot of google search hits on this post, so fyi, there is now a confirmed released date of April 6 2010 for Patience. per Lisa's newsletter and from her publisher, Berkley.

I can't say I'm waiting with bated breath for this release.

But I really enjoyed Passion and hope that whenever Patience is released I'll enjoy it just as much.

When it comes out, it comes out.

There are other books.... read.....

in the meantime.

When was Laura Kinsale's last release? 2006? Granted she has more of a track record behind her and there's a definite release date next year for her next release—and I'm not getting to a comparison of writing talent here—but it's been three years in between.

No one has written her off or been irked at the delay.

And how about Judith Ivory? I'd love to see another release from her. Again she's another with a track record/body of work behind her, but still... given that she does have a readership, you'd think peeps would be totally pissed out of their ever-lovin’ minds that she's disappeared.

Yet, nary a peep.

So why this reaction to Lisa Valdez when she only has the one stand-alone book behind her?

In the same way folks don't 'get' why others still anxiously waiting for Valdez's next release, I don't get what comes off almost as animosity towards Valdez (as if there's been some sort of personal betrayal) because of the four year delay in her next release.

Sure we seem to keep getting a new release date every few months, and I gather some feel like they're being jerked around. But really, just move on. When it shows up on the shelves, buy it. Or don’t. There's lot of incredible books being released. If she ever gets another book out, deal with it then. Or don't.

I kinda feel she can't win with this one. Either expectations will be too high and peeps will be disappointed, or folks will be reading with an almost resentful 'This had better be worth the wait!' mindset while contrarily expecting it to be no good.

It's almost too bad Lisa started with a (connected) series. This is one situation where a new pen name might be to her advantage. It’s also too bad that she wasn’t able to ride the wave popularity of that first book while it was at it's peak. As long as the subsequent books were comparable in quality, she would have been a major name in erotic historical romance. Only time will tell now what she’ll accomplish writing wise.

While the following link Did Not inspire my blog post (that was another convo somewhere else), it seems to be one of the most recent conversations out there on Lisa's delays. I was googling a cover image when I came across it: The Mysterious Lisa Valdez and having Patience (Great post title, btw)
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meljean brook said...

I agree. I was recently surprised by a thread where a reader said she still anticipated it, others agreed, and still others ... Well, they didn't take them to task, exactly, but that was the sense *I* got. As if by anticipating the Valdez book, they were ignoring all of the other great books that had been published.

Personally, when it's published, I'll buy it, because I did like the debut and I'm curious. But I'm not holding my breath for it, either *g*

Cece said...

Not a huge historical reader so I never read Passion but I gotta say, as a writer, I feel bad for what happened to her. I still think it's all a little crazy-making, but I feel bad for her. I know how hard this business is and how the business end of it can stifle me.


Cece said...

And hey, in the mean time, while anyone who cruises by here is waiting, you should totally check out Jackie Barbosa's Behind The Red Door--yes I know it's trade but buy it anyway!

/end shameless friend promo

vanessa jaye said...

Meljean, sometimes it comes across as taking to task, sometimes it feels almost... I don't know if I want to say defensive or disparaging. It's just always a negative vibe, whether aimed towards Lisa for 'jerking' them around or reader who for some unknown reason are still looking forward to the book as if the passing of time negates the enjoyment recieved from the first release. ::shrug::

I tend to stay out of this topic when it shows up online, not sure why I got cranky enough to post this time.

vanessa jaye said...

Cece- I do feel bad for her. She was just unprepared for a particular aspect of the business side of writing. And who would have expected that she'd have such an impact. Even 4 years later peeps are still talking about her/her books. I know peeps with releases last week, who haven't elicted so much buzz.

I meant to check out Jackie's book, but it slipped my mind. Thanks for mentioning it again.

KMont said...

I would just like to hear a release date for the next book one day, preferably right on the author's site so there's no doubt. I'll add it to my list of books to pick up then. Yay.

In meantime, oh yes, so many other books to read. Life really does go on.

vanessa jaye said...

KMont - This is where I'll seem a little hypocritical, because nothing less than a sighting in store on the shelves is going to do it for me, or an in-stock-now notice on the bookstore(s) website.

Like a lot of readers I've grown a bit skeptical with the numerous new release date announcements. :-/

But like you, and others, once it's confirmed it's in the stores I'll be there to buy my copy!

Lynn Viehl said...

I'll buy the book whenever it comes out, no questions asked, no recriminations. I really enjoyed the first one (and bought it because of you, Ms. Jaye) and I expect I'll feel the same about the next. She's got an interesting approach and a nice voice.

I think under any circumstances Ms. Valdez deserves whatever time she needs to write it the way she wants it written, and if that means another four years, no problem for me.

I once made my readers wait 4+ years for the next installment in a series, although that had more to do with the publisher than me. I think the way I was able to keep them from going for the pitchforks and torches was continuing to write for them via free stories on my old web site. That kept the faith with the readers, and when I finally did get to continue the series, we all felt as if we had slogged through that time together. Something to think about if you're ever in series interruptus for any reason. :)

Tara Marie said...

you have to wonder what is going on in someones life that they obsess over something like this, they need to move on.

Gennita said...

Ever heard of Virtually Hers? *grin* That poor author was mauled by readers for almost two and a half years! I heard she's gone into hiding.

vanessa jaye said...

But that delay had nothing to do with that author's writing process, the problem was her publisher.

Thank goodness she got herself a new editor/publisher for Virtually Hers. ;) Can't wait till it releases next month.

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