It's shaping up to be one of those days....

Monday, July 20, 2009

I got up a bit early this morning, thinking I could put some extra time in on the manuscript.


All was well--showered, dressed, make-up, hair, etc--until I got downstairs. We have a garbage strike going on here in Toronto (week 4 and counting); I was throwing out the empty milk carton when I noticed some stupid animal had made a freaking mess in the driveway by going through the garbage. What pisses me off is there was nothing worth eating in the garbage!! Living chest-to-back to a ravine as we do, I've been very scrupulous about that. I think the raccoons? Skunks? Feral cats? Groundhogs? Stray dogs? Rabid rabbits? Chupacabra? Geese? only found a couple of stale pieces of bagels.

Never the less, had to spend time cleaning up, plus I must have brekkie before I leave or I'm absolutely ravenous by the time I get to work (& I hate wasting time/money buying breakfast.) But we're out of yogurt, so had to make an egg (more time used up).

Also I thought my son had emptied the dishwasher last night. He didn't. It was one of those times when almost every piece of cutlery and dishware was in there, & even though I could've picked out only what I needed for breakfast, I'm anal enough to unload the whole dang thing.

By then, it wasn't worth opening the document and working on the wip, so I skimmed through Twitterdeck for a couple of minutes, and then came here to rant. :-P

At least I can write on the train. I hope....
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