Holy Crap! Is it true?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just got home from the supermarket. Put food on the table, flopped on the couch and turned on the tv and HLN/CNN is reporting that Michael Jackson is dead!!

ETA; Looks like its true. I'm deeply saddened. Regardless of the issues that plagued his life in the last years, he's a musical legend.
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raine said...

Broke my heart. :(

Lynn Viehl said...

When I was a little girl my aunt gave me a cheap plastic record player one Christmas, and I loved it. After school my sister and I would play Jackson 5 and Osmond Brothers 45s on it until dinner time when Mom yelled at us to turn it off and come to the table. My favorite record was Michael and his brothers singing Rocking Robin.

I hope he's at peace now.

vanessa jaye said...

It's a bit surreal, Raine and not fully processed yet. Makes me sad everytime I think on it.

Lynn, I remember sitting on the curb between the park and parking lot on a hot summer day sharing a pack of Malteasers with my cousin while ABC was on the radio. I have lots of memories that include Michael and his music.

And, then there is this:

I hope he's at peace now.

Despite his fame and fortune, one always had the feeling that he was never truly happy or content.

Gennita said...

I'm still processing it. I did, for years, think he'd die young, though.

vanessa jaye said...

"I did, for years, think he'd die young, though"

Really? Don't think I ever thought of it. But I always felt it was a shame the various twists and turns his life took, and that his genius would forever be tainted by them.

azteclady said...

I can't say I'm surprised, though I'm very sad about his passing.

Probably what makes me the saddest is to think of all the scandals that will follow, and how his musical legacy will be, as you say, tainted by all that.

And, at the risk of being clichéed, I'm very sad for his children, who'll now more than ever will be forever pawns and photo ops.

vanessa jaye said...

"is to think of all the scandals that will follow,"

It's starting already. The allegations of painkiller addiction.

His father walked the red carpet at the BET awards to (it seems) pimp his own up and coming record label and was seemed to be having a grand ol time in his front row seat taking in the show and with no trace of the type of devastating emotions you'd expect a parent to show when a child--no matter how old--has died.

His mom has been granted temporary custody of his kids and she's not petitioning for control of the estate

His brothers have already talking about turning Neverland Ranch into a Graceland-type operation.

Debbie watzerface (mother of his 2 oldest kids) is now claiming that they are not his biological kids, but some sperm donor--lets see how long it takes for said sperminators to crawl out of the woodwork with bogus claims)

And let's not forget MJ was worth about $130MM but was $450MM in the hole....

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