DRM Sucks!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sure I've read the blog posts, but now I truly get it!

Since Calibre can't/will not convert a recent purchase from eharl so I can read it on my Sony, I will not be be buying any more HQN ebooks.

Because you know what? I just want to download and read my purchases on the reading device of my choice. Period. I don't want to jump through hoops and go around googling crap to figure out how to load DRM ebooks onto my Sony. (Which I haven't figured out yet,btw. And I don't feel up to emailing folks who I know could help me out. Why the eff do have I to go to those lengths to read something I legally purchased?)

If I walked into a bookstore or a library I'd just be able to pick a book off the shelf and read it wherever and however I chose to.

And that's another thing. I actually prefer reading paper anyways, so way to *not* win me over.
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