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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I downloaded stuff from the Quickpad today. Only 5 pages, not great, but not bad. It was rough, so I work on smoothing/fleshing it out. Wasted a crap load of time on Google doing searches on South America and the Amazon. 99.5% of everything I found out didn't end up in the scene!! But I saved the links because this book will be part of a series and I might need that info in the future.

The first new addtional scene is now pretty much down, and I'm darn happy with the way it turned out. (I feared it was going to border on being filler.) Of oourse another interesting shifter showed up. Doubt he'll show again is this book, since he'll stay in Ecaudor, while Nate and Mitch move on, but Alejandro seems the type to show up in other books down the line, and maybe even his own story...

So that's one scene down, and four to go...

It's 2:30am, time to hit the sack. The kid is taking me to brunch and to see Star Trek tomorrow if i don't get to sleep now, I'll do face plant in my French Toast and saw logs during the movie. ;)
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