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Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's mostly touristy stuff, although I thought I picked a couple of family pics too. But, with the touristy stuff I tried to get a little artsy-fartsy and was quite pleased with the results. There're several pics I want to get a large size print of and frame.
This first pic is one I'd like to frame. Probably crop the bottom a bit.(I don't know what the odd shaped building is, but that's London bridge to the left) That lone figure might be my son Dayan.

Closer pic of the bridge, that's the boy's head in the bottom left corner, and my brother in the jacket with the white across the shoulders. We went to London for one day to visit an aunt--a tight squeeze because we had to be back in Gloucester for my neice's birthday dinner/party at a restaurant that same evening-- but I at least wanted to go on the London Eye (huge ferris wheel) while in London.

Big Ben in the background. Dayan in the foreground. Brother wandering off. lol.

Pic taken from the Eye, to the ground. Forgot the name of that building.

This is another shot I'd like framed. Taken from the Eye: it's the pod in front of us.

Another favourite. i like how the frame of the carriage sort of mirrors Day's profile.

We went for a drive up to Stroud one day and stopped for a pint in a quaint little pub. My bro pulled over so I could gt a couple of pics of the valley below. Thought I'd downloaded a pic of two of the lovely little villages with the stone row houses and narrow lanes. But I didn't. :-/ They were staight out of a Catherine Cookson novel or an AE special. Charming. But I think I'd go a little crazy after awhile.

We were on our way to the city center from my mum's place and cut through the park. Not sure why the heck I downloaded this one I think I meant to download a pic of the boy and my neice at the other end of the park in front of the georgian rowhouse(the white buildings you see in the background, right side over Day's shoulder) .
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raine said...

You have an excellent eye for photography, VJ. Agree--the first photo and the one of the pod are durn professional.
Impressive! (and London looks lovely...sigh...)
And may I add, it just tickles me to death the way you call Dayan "the boy". :D

Biddy said...

Ok odd shaped building is City Hall and the other building from the Eye is the old GLA building which is now the Aquarium and a hotel (basically its the old City Hall). You were very near me... I live about 15 mins walk from the Eye.

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you Raine! I normally do the oooo, that's pretty! ::snap picture:: This time, for some of the pics, I thought a bit more about what was in the view finder.

London, and England in general is lovely. Like many European countries they've really conserved their heritage in terms of architechture and protecting their green space.

As for the boy, (heh) I always tell him no matter how old or tall he gets he'll always be my baby. (Not that I 'mommy' him. I'm proud of the young man he's grown up to be.)

vanessa jaye said...

Biddy! You know, as we drove past Reading I "waved" to Julie. *g*

And I did think of you when we were in London and thought it would have been cool to be able to give you quick call(if I had your number). But I didn't think we would have been able to get together, then again I didn't know how close I was to you!

Honestly though, we were pressed for time. :/ We did the Eye, checked out Big Ben and London bridge and then headed back to my mom's.

If I'd had my druthers, I would've spent a couple of days in London being a complete tourist ho (and also seeing friends), then gone on to Gloucester to spend time with family. And I won't be going at Xmas again. Too expensive, too much going on. 10 days just wasn't enough time.

vanessa jaye said...

OH, and thank you for identifying those buildings for me! I think my big bro told me what they were but I completely forgot.

azteclady said...

It certainly looks like you had a blast--and what a handsome son you have!

vanessa jaye said...

We did have fun, AL. We hadn't seen the whole family in years, so that was great. Plus spending Xmas, and 3 birthday celebrations. That trip to London was the only touristy thing we did, and while the time was too short, we had a blast! Like I said to Biddy, next time we go, we'll do the tourist thing first for a several days, then go hang with family.

"what a handsome son you have!"
Thank you. You won't get any arguement from me. ;)

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