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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The whining didn't last. I've just had a couple of very stressful weeks and last thing I wanted to do was go back a rework the mss, heck I've done precious little work on the current mss beside fleshing out the outline/back-story.

N E Way...

While running errands yesterday, I figured on a possible five new scenes I could add to the story to *hopefully* address my editor's concerns.

I should give myself a deadline, shouldn't I? Even though, given my workload I doubt I'll make it. :/ But it may at least give me the impetus to make that push.

If there's good news to found in all of this (aside from the fact it wasn't an outright rejection and my editor is still very interested in seeing it after the revisions), it's that the story as it stands now is approximately 44K words. If the new scenes bring that count up to 60K this book will be eligible for print. Since it looks like Mitch's story will most likely hit the 60K mark, that would be perfect.
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azteclady said...

*sending positive vibes*

[I would add to the butt kicking, but I don't know you that well


vanessa jaye said...

Now why do your positive vibes, feel like motivational pokes? ;-)

Anytime, grrl.

azteclady said...

Because I'm not as subtle as I'd like to be?


vanessa jaye said...


ya gotta work on that 'sad', too. ;)

azteclady said...

You know, between the :sad: not working, and people bursting out laughing when I'm :innocent:...

It's almost enough to discourage a gal, really.

vanessa jaye said...

"people bursting out laughing when I'm :innocent:..."O_o


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