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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I’ve only watched this season’s Celebrity Apprentice sporadically, but Annie Duke should have won, not Joan. Kudos to Joan for having the enery/stamina to make it to the final, and, for what it’s worth, while I haven’t necessarily been a fan of Joan, I did enjoy her biting humor and the fact that she made it to the top of a man’s game.

But Joan’s behaviour on CA was straight up grade A beeyaitch. Especially towards Annie. Not sayin Annie was totally innocent, but Joan said some pretty despicable things, turned the waterworks on and off at will and then acted all befuddled as to why anyone would be pissed off at her, because it was all water under the bridge to her. ugh.

Though Joan did have a few funny zingers towards Brandy and Clint. ("If Clint walked into a bar, he'd pick up himself.")

But that’s besides the point!!!

Anyhaterfromhaterville, seems Joan made some enemies (and deservedly, so).

On to American Idol... ‘K, we all know it’s the Adam Lambert Show this season. Although, I’ll reserve some doubt as to whether he’ll win or not for a number of reasons. This season just has a very ‘scripted’ feel to it.

Anywhocares, Kris is in the top two!?! wtf. I like the way Kris makes every song uniquely his own--my son calls it the granola touch. lol—but seriously, the guy does not have the vocal chops of Danny or Allison. And while I thought Danny should have packed his ass home last week because of that ill-advise screech, he certainly did not deserve to go home this week! Also, I did notice that Kris’ visit back home had the hugest crowds. Yeah, it could be all in the editing, but next week will be interesting.

Next up: StarTrek. Loved the movie. I mean at one point in the theater I actually had the thought: I love this movie! I will be in line for the next one, and I will buy the DVD. Having said that, I did have quibbles. The bad guy(s) were so one-dimensional. What a waste of Eric Bana. And I didn’t buy this new version of the Vulcans. I know many thought the kiss between Spock and Uhura was teh hawtness, but even with the steamy co-ed decontamination shower scenes with the sexed up T’pol from Enterprise ringing in my head, I still didn’t buy it. And lastly, this was seriously a pop-corn movie. I miss the anvilious moral lesson that’s the hallmark of the Star Trek franchise.

Second lastly, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. I enjoyed the book, it’s a keeper and I’ll probably check out the next in the series. I like the large cast of fairly fleshed-out characters and that there was more to the book besides the romance even though the romance was always the focus. I loved Ian (really loved him), and really like Beth, and loved their courtship. The sequel-bait ran hot and heavy through the book, though, and I’m not sure it needed to be so obvious. The story was a strong B for me. I was probably more anxious to read it beforehand, than I was during the read—that emotional urgency was missing for me from some reason. But it was definitely worth the read. And maybe it did make more of an impression on me than I though because I’m avoiding reading another historical for the time being.

Finally, Supernatural. I tuned out early this season. Just wasn’t feeling the whole Angel thing, but friends who were still watching told me that it’s been really good the last several episodes. I had planned to get the season DVD, regardless, but I will be watching tonight’s episode because I suspect it’s going to seriously kick ass. One thing about Supernatural, the writing, characterization and arcs are well-thought out and consistent, unlike some other stupid WB ::coughlame-assSmallvillecoughcough:: series that I stopped watching years ago, but the boy keeps watching, just to rant about damn show as far as I can discern. Walk away, I say ::to the soundtrack of some sappy emo rock music::

One more thing – Anyone else out there watching Southland? I think it kicks ass. Very enjoyable. The same peeps behind it as ER. If I have one reservation, it's that Regina King might not find the time to continue to do the voices of Riley and Huey on Boondocks.
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Amie Stuart said...

Better late than never but I also enjoyed Southland!!!

Amie Stuart said...

PS....after being baited about a Winchester brother, killing him off really REALLY Pissed me off. It smacked of bait and switch to me. :(

vanessa jaye said...

Amie, I really surprised I don't hear more chatter about Southland. I think it's really well-done!

As for Supernatural - I didn't watch that episode! But I didn't think much was going to become of it either. The story *is* the two brothers, with Daddy Winchester, Bobby, et al, as strong secondaries. Although prettymuch all of the secondaries have been killed off, so I wasn't holding much hope that new baby bro was going to stick around long, if at all. Next year is going to be intersting though. Even though the brothers are back together, neither one of them are the same. And I'm still wondering about Sam's ultimate role in all of this. He still has those freaky powers thanks to ole yellow eyes. And they skimmed over a lot of what happened to Dean while he was in hell. Plus I heard a rumour the actor who played Daddy Winchester would like to return for some episodes!!

But that's all for September. In two weeks True Blood season 2 starts!!!

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