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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I was doing a bit of research for my hero Mitch. I wanted to make him of African decent and was looking into the various African nations, their histories, and came across this link: The Black Poor in 18th Century England

Did not know about any of this. I definitely want to read more into this, and I found the whole origin of settlement in Sierra Leone fascinating (followed a bunch of other links regarding that) but this bit is just crying for a book to be written:

They were then given a document granting the citizenship of Sierra Leone. On April 9, 1787 the ships left Portsmouth with about 280 Black men, 70 White women, and 40 Black women. They were accompanied by some English tradesmen. The white women were most likely the wives and girlfriends of Black men. Today the descendants of the Black Poor are the Sierra Leone Creole people.

What a basis for an epic historical interracial romance that would have a believable HEA! Or maybe that should be a HATAA ending (Happy As They Are Able). Anywho, something to leave percolating on the backburner for now. Maybe I'll never write it, but if someone gets the inspiration and goes ahead with it, let me know! I'd definitely read it.

Btw. still haven't settled in on Mitch's background. Thinking I'll have to shift it to South America--because the time lines aren't working out--but how does that explain his very Americanized Urban English? More to think about... *sigh*
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