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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorry for the absence (although you might have seen me pop up here and there), but I got thrown into the deep end of the pool with some surprise training/mandate to take on some new responsibilities.

Literally hit the ground running, and brain power has been in short supply by the time I get home.

Anywho, been working on book two of the shifter series during the morning commute into work. Heard back from my editor, she said she'd *try* to get back to me with a yea or nay, mid-month May. ::crossing fingers it's a 'yea'::

If it does sell, it probably won't be released until the fall, so I'm also hoping to get the current wip done by then, so *if* I sell the second book, I *could* have a release date for it around the time Hunter of the Heart goes on sale.

This is all supposition/wishful thinking. But it's kinda weird I'm even thinking/planning like this. Maybe I really am, finally, getting my writing groove back.
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