Sunday, March 15, 2009

The ending came out a bit bitter-sweet. It's an HEA, but, I'm feeling a bit odd about it, yet I *think* it's the right ending for this story/couple. But that odd feeling is par for the course with this novella. There's a bunch of stuff about it that feels right for the story, but I wonder how it'll be received... :-/

And because we writers are a notoriously neurotic bunch, I've been keeping a mental tally of things my crit partners, my editor, and if I'm lucky to get them, potential readers might have a problem with:

1. The novella... has a prologue.
2. The dreaded mate!mate!mate! thing runs amok.
3. The much italicized psychic-talking happens quite a bit.
4. I have 3 shape-shifters running around a cruise-ship in the Caribbean.
5. I've never been on a cruise ship (but one of my cps has been on several).
6. There's a fair bit of gore and a touch of horror.
7. The romance happens over a 10 day period.
8. The love scenes: the first one might throw peeps off. With the second one, not sure if there's enough emotion in the front end, and not sure if it gets a little to raw in the back end. (snort. *gg*)
9. The hero's best friend is fond of the words 'motherfucker' and 'bitch'.
10. The villain might be way too obvious.
11. The way the 'I love yous' come about.
12. Not sure if I clean up the problems/concerns with the material previously written years ago.
13. Was it a mistake to write something so different in tone and genre from Felicity?
14. Will it sell? *gulp.*
15. Does the emotional arc of the H/h make sense?
16. Does the bittersweet feeling I get at the end, really mean that it's not fully satisfying?
17. Have I short-changed key moments?
18. I headhopped. A lot.


Looking on the brighter, less navel-gazing, side, after several years of writer's block (yes, yes, I know many don't belive it exists. whatever), this is the third story I've finished since November (2 short stories and this thing). I'd like to finish Mitch's novella this year and then get moving on another contemporary romance.)

Edited to add: The last scene was handwritten out (ten pages). I have 18 handwritten pages to transcribe into WORD, some of those pages were just sketched outlines to move me from one scene to the next. They need fleshing out. I also skipped transitions between a couple of scenes and those will have to be written. But for intents and purposes, the story is complete.
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Lynn Viehl said...

1. Prologues are not universally despised; I'm rather fond of them myself. And I put one in my last novella, and no one batted an eyelash.

2. They haven't made mating a bad thing now, or I'll have to rip off some heads.

3. Italics are not the font of the AntiChrist.

4. See, this is why I don't go on cruises. All the damn shape-shifters running amok.

5. I've never been on a starship; never stopped me from writing about them.

6. So it's not furry chicklit, hooray!

7. I'll see your ten day romance and raise you a one-night stand that turns into true love by dawn.

8. Show me a perfect love scene and I'll finally have a cure for my insomnia.

9. That's why God created bar soap.

10. Unless he dances around waving his arms and yelling "I'm the villain" on page two, you're probably okay.

11. I've yet to read one line of dialogue with ILY in it that convinced me it was natural. Including my own.

12. Have someone else read them if you have time; they'll spot any inconsistencies.

13. Why, do you want to be a cookie cutter writer already?

14. Yes.

15. If the emotional arc police come and arrest you, Raine and I will bail you out of Romance Jail.

16. No, it just means Disney won't be buying the cartoon movie rights.

17. If they feel rushed, go back in and work out the kinks. If they don't, have faith in them.

18. Then it should be really fun to read.

vanessa jaye said...

Bless, Lynn. *g* I needed that.

The funny thing is, despite my concerns, I don't intend to do a blasted thing about half those things on the list. As for the other half, if enough red flags are raised by enough peeps, I deal with it then.

And now I owe someone a critique, then I'll start transcribing.

raine said...

I think Lynn pretty well covered all comments. LMAO!!

So I'll just say

vanessa jaye said...

And congratulations to you, Raine! You've just been randomly selection from the Procrastination Station audience to critique this sucker.


raine said...

Fwiw, it'd be my pleasure. ;)

Dee Tenorio said...

Hey, what about your friendly neighborhood buddy who's been waiting SIX years for the end of this badboy??? LOL!

(shows empty slot in Treo with J's name on it.) Ahem??

:) And OMG, lol, too funny Lynn!

vanessa jaye said...

Heck, Dee, I was going to send out my usual 'Got time for a crit?' spam email. :-P

But, with all you have on your plate lately, I wasn't going to tap you on the shoulder. Now I'll make sure you get a look at it. :D

verification word: angsts. *g*

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