Done! - Part 2

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yeah, I'm still transcribing the handwritten notes to the computer. Part of the issue is, as I mentioned before, the handwritten notes were more a push to get the final bones of the story down.

Some of it was just scene outlines, or stuff in point form. Usually, there was no transitions, and the choreography/set blocking wasn't worked out. Nevermind that the emotions were hit and miss. Sometimes I fleshed them out a bit, sometmes I wrote something like: Character is having coffee in cafe and feeling down about what happened.

Case in point, last night I worked on the wip for 4 hours. I only got about a page of handwritten work onto the computer (I'm talking steno page, btw), but that worked out to aprx 5 pages on the computer (with 1.5 spacing--holy crap! I just realized that it has to be double spacing for submission, which means it's longer than I think!) The whole thing still needs polishing before sending out to the crit partners.
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