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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What contest is Adam in again?

I'm tempted to rank him #1 this week, but really he is in a whole different league of his own. I'd have to rank him 1 thru 10 and then start with the rest.

I always look forward to his performance, not only because I know he'll surprise me (talk about versatility), but also because I know he's going to nail it vocally.

And, btw, my, my, my he cleans up well, don't he? Love the retro look on him. I'm downloading his version of that track from itune if/when it's available.

So let's rank the rest:

1. Allison. Wow. She brung it.

2. Matt - dude keeps upping his game every week. Loved his performance tonight. Well done.

3. Good Ole Danny - not his best performance, but definitely a crowd pleaser. I really love that raspy/husky quality of his singing voice.

At the bottom:

1. Megan. That was painful. (But, dang, she's beautiful.)

2. Scott. And even more elevator music. I'm sorry, Scott's a nice guy. But his performances bore me. Mandolin Rain was the only time he made me sit up and take notice.

You two should go home. Based your performances. But I *think* folks might keep you around for various 'non-singing talent' reasons.

3. Michael. Awkward.

4. Anoop. Good vocals. Sappy execution. And where's your stylist? That GAP/ pres of the chess-club/ future accountant on his downtime look, plus the Ted Koppel hair, leaves a lot to be desired.

5. Lil. You keep choosing the wrong song. I'm inevitably disappointed in your performances week afer week, because you have the chops to send shivers down my spine, never do.

6. Kris. Nothing special. But the tween girls will keep you around for a bit longer.
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