To Lisa at Samhain re that last email

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So yesterday I sent my short story contribution for Samhain's Valentine free reads off to Lisa in the marketing dept.

Only it was the wrong version of the story. The most updated version was on my jump-drive, but I sent the one on my C drive.

So I sent another email with the right version. Being careful to write in big honkin' caps in the subject line: CORRECT VERSION, and an explanation as to why I was bombarding her with another email within the body of the message.


This morning, before I delete it, I skim through Lisa's original email outlining the story requirements, how to format etc., and realize I'd sent the story to the wrong email addy. ::headdesk::

So, yeah, off went another email with story attached. And my profuse apologies. :-P

The minute I hit send, an email dropped in my inbox from Lisa thanking me for getting the story to her.

Guess what I did?

Not sure why I felt the need to warn her, by email, that I'd sent yet another email to her moments earlier....

She responded that I held the record for emails sent to her within the last 24hrs. ::blushing::

I did not reply to that email!!

As much as I was tempted to throw back a little jokey reply. I did not. My fortitude tis awesometh. My self-control, let me show it you.

You're Welcome, Lisa.
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raine said...

I am not laughing.
I am not laughing.
I am not...
Hold on a sec, I'm 'bout to burst... :D

vanessa jaye said...

oh go ahead and laugh. I crtainly did. :-P

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