Samhain Free Valentine Reads - redux

Saturday, January 31, 2009

From today's Samhellion newsletter:

Valentine's Day is around the you know what that means? No, not stale candy and tacky cards...and no, you won't receive a toilet plunger from your significant other (well, unless that's what you asked for) you give up?

Let me give you a to the Samhellions like to celebrate a holiday?

With FREE eBooks of course!

Now don't you feel silly? We have sixteen free short stories just for you, our readers. One will be released every day until February 15th, the day we will all have chocolate hangovers. These stories are from our some of your favorite authors and the first one is...

The Devil and Venus di Milo by Misty Evans(paranormal, sweet)

Go here to read it, and check back daily till Feb 15th to read the rest!
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