Friday, January 02, 2009

Mrs. Giggles put up this hilarious map a couple of days ago.

At the time I mentioned that the very smart, sharp-witted, opinionated and all around baddest bitch (and I mean that as a compliment) Monica Jackson should have had her own little beach cove, a little niche as it were... ahem... ::tongue-firmly-in-cheek::

I left the same comment on Gennita's blog and she replied that there were quite a few characters online that deserved a place on that map. I started a comment listing a few that came to mind, but since god's knows when I'll be arsed enough to come up with a blog post again, I'll post my list here:

A few more suggestion:

- The eBook Startup Tarpits.

- Point La Nora Lookout (the highest elevation on the map).

- The Menage Forest --where you can't tell one limb from the next (watch out for that tree!)

- The Ferret Sanctuary. :-P

- The RWA Toll-bridge. (epubs never seem to have the right change to get across).

- The Great Wall of Wallpaper Historicals. (should run right down the middle of the map, dividing it in half).

- The Sulfur Sea Spas of Erotic-Romance. Some think they stinks, others find them very envigorating. All agree they're hot, hot, hot! ;-)

- Trolls and piranahs abound, but they have no strict boundaries and tend to wander wherever. Their name is Legend (or in a pinch, Anonymous).

That's it for me. :-D Anyone else have something to add to the map?
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raine said...

Oh this is FABULOUS, VJ, lmao!!!

Must have a Billionaire's Secret Baby Sanctuary somewhere... ;)


I LOve it.

I have nothing to add, I'm not that creative. LOl BUt thank god you are. Great stuff.

Gennita said...

Hmm. How about Roaming Fangrrs of Death?

vanessa jaye said...

Raine- *slaps forehead* How could we forget the Billionaire Secret Babies! lol. Good one.

Sash--glad you got a giggle. I suspect you weren't feeling arsed enough to come up with something. The not creative comment is a load of crap. ;-)

Gennita -- ::shudder:: Fangrrs even send the objects of their devotion runny for the hills.

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