Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Feeling a bit under the weather (low level migraines several days in a row).

Buried under a ton of snow here in Toronto (turning to freezing rain later on today. Yippee! [/sarcasm].

Wrappining up work-related year-end stuff for 2008, while simultaneously striving to meet a Thursday deadline for another project.

Writing in spurts and fits. On the morning commute I tap out a few paragraphs for the free Valentine's short story, and *if* I get the time, I work on the werewolf novella--so far I've cut 11 pages on it, and I've got about 20 pages left to revise/edit before writing the ending. I was aiming for the end of the month with this one, but it might be more like some time next month. :-/

Reading a bunch of books. Going through one of those phrases where I can't settle into one (but the John Connolly is winning out simple because it's the one that I've been carrying aroud in my bag. Excellent book. I'll try for a real review at some point) You can click onto the covers for the link to the Amazon page & synopsis.:

Hmmm... just realized i need to update my sidebar for books read.

Listening to a lot of classic jazz.

Blogging over at Southern Fried Chicas today on things I'm looking forward to this month.


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azteclady said...

Vanessa, I hope you feel better soonest *sending good energy your way*

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks, Aztec. Still feeling under the weather, unfortunately. :-/

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