Tuesday, December 02, 2008

As in: For real?

From Publisher's Lunch (recent sales):

Mathias Enard's ZONE, A 500-page, single-sentence French novel, with Charlotte Mandell translating, to Open Letter, for publication in summer 2010, by Actes Sud.


And in case you're wondering: Currently the longest sentence in English literature.
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azteclady said...

And my s.o. was complaining about a mered twelve lines sentence! *sniff of superiority*


Lynn Viehl said...

I am sooooo tempted to make a penis joke, but I will behave.

vanessa jaye said...

LOL- AztecLady.

I know this is going to come back and bite me on the ass, but...

Ideally, sentences need only be one or two lines long, with few exceptions. I totally understand about rythmn and flow, etc., but srsly. :-P

I am sooooo tempted to make a penis joke, but I will behave.

Go on. You know you want to. ::snort::

Lynn Viehl said...

Okay, you asked for it. :)

Three sailors are standing on the deck and watching two blue whales swimming alongside their ship. The conversation turns to size, and naturally the sailors start comparing their endowments.

"I know I'm the biggest guy on this ship," the first sailor says, and grabs his crotch. "Mine is a good ten inches long."

The second sailor makes a rude sound. "Man, that's nothing. I'm eleven inches long, and that matches the world's record." He looks at the third sailor. "How about you?"

The third sailor sniffs. "You guys are nothing but thimble jockeys. I'm thirteen inches long."

One of the blue whales, who has been listening to the sailors' conversation, slowly rolls over onto his back. In the process he displays his penis, which is eleven feet long.

The three sailors stare in silence at the whale until it rolls back over and swims off.

"So I've been working out," the first sailor says, and rolls up his sleeve and flexes his bicep. "Get a load of these -- twenty-one inches around."

vanessa jaye said...

LOL. I am soo stealing that joke! lol.

Gennita said...

He has to do a reading.

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