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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm in countdown mode. In a couple of days me and the kid are hopping on a plane and heading to jolly ole England to spend Christmas with mom, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, assorted neices and nephews. Xmas shopping has been particularly crazy this year! And I'm running into some month-end prep stuff and deadlines that have to to be met at work before I take off. As I type I've got loads of laundry going. :-P

I'm taking the mini laptop with me, hopefully to get some writing done on the flight, and maybe put in an 1/2hr before hitting the hay at night, or first thing in the morning. We'll see. But I'm not sure if I'll get online at all. :-/

Still loving Mistress of the Art of Death. I was raving about it to a coworker (we've formed a 2 person bookclub, except she doesn't read romance. sux) And you know what she did? She bought me the sequel as a Christmas gift! One minute I'm going on and on about how she has to read Mistress of the Art of Death and how I planned to buy the next book, yaddah, yaddah. I go to a meeting and when I come back, The Serpent's Tale is sitting on my chair.

She and her hubby are both avid readers, and so far I've been batting 1000 on all my reading recs to them. This was her thank you. ::sniffle:: I'm taking it on the plane with me.

An aside: What's with Mike Tyson and 'fonicate'? It's fornicate, Mike. For-ni-cate.

A CD rec: Seal's Soul. He does a selection of soul favourites from James Brown, Curtis Winfield, Al Green, and more. Just a really enjoyable CD. Amazon lets you sample the songs here (scroll down).

Wherein I show my frilly bias: Samhain has been posting a great selection of free reads on the Samhellion site, and today's story Making Merry is by my writing pal Raine Weaver. If you need a laugh, go read this one.

(And don't forget to check the site every day, including and especially on the 24th(!!) when The Wolf who Stole Christmas is scheduled to post.)

The writing, is still moving forward. I'm kinda surprised at how dark this one is. There's humour (don't think I can write anything without a bit of humor) but I didn't remember this story being so gory. Of course, I'm just upping the gore in the re-write/edits. lol. And I'm getting ideas for the follow up book with the hero's friend and black panther shifter, that I want to start on as soon as I finish the current wip.

That's all for now!
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raine said...

I didn't know you were going to England for the holidays. Sounds like a ball, Vanessa! (and what a nice coworker you have!).

And thanks for the frilly bias, lol. Your crit definitely helped make it work. :)

vanessa jaye said...

I think I kept saying I was going offline to spend Christmas with family, but didn't specifically say I was going back to the UK. (I thought I mentioned it in emails though, but these days I don't know if I'm coming or going.)

I love your story. I still chuckled when I read it again today. :-D

Biddy said...

England?!?!? You're coming to England?!?! Where, when, for how long?? And if you are anywhere in the London area do you have time for coffee or a glass of wine??

Tara Marie said...

Have a great trip :)

Sasha White said...

Have a safe and happy flight!! ANd many good times.

vanessa jaye said...

Biddy - Yes!! Here I come (well, I'll be at Heathrow Saturday morning.) I'm not sure if I'll make it into London this time. I'll be in Gloucester for the majority of the visit. I did tell Julie that I was probably coming down and if I found the time I'd like to see her, I'd love to see you to, but it's going to be a short visit (8 days) this time, so not sure... But I'm bringing my laptop with me, so if I see an opening, I'll pop an email off to Julie or is there a contact on your blog? One of you might be hearing from me. It would suck to be so close and not meet up (finally!!)

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you Tara (squee! How cool is it to see you again?!! very cool!!)

And Thank you, Sasha!

Biddy said...

If you get an email to Julie she can get one to me. *wiggle* would be great if we could meet up. Have a safe trip.

vanessa jaye said...

Biddy - I was just thinking this morning how to make my escape for a day. *g* I have high hopes for this.

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