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Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm looking at you Raine.

I was feeling pretty damn good about my Samhain free Xmas short story. Felt I did a little bit of alright.

Then Raine and I exchanged crits.

She was going on and on about how she didn't care for her story, yaddahyaddah. 'Don't go to a lot of trouble' with the crit. yakkety, smakety.


So I open up the doc, thinking maybe there's a scene where more emotion needs to be layered in, or motivation needs to be clarified/strengthened, etc., because those are the sorts of things that make me unsatisfied with my own work.

By the second page I forgot I was critting. Raine had me from the word go. What a fun story and done so creatively; I laughed out loud several times at something said/described on each page. At one point the kid came into the room and asked what I was smiling at and I realized I'd been wearing a big goofy smile for awhile.

And dang, her version of Santa can jiggle my bells any ole day of the week. ;-)

This is definitely a story you want to check out when Samhain releases the stories.

I'm really looking forward to reading all the free stories when they're released.
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raine said...

Oh you need to stop, lol.

You were RIGHT. You should've felt damn good about your short story, it absolutely ROCKED!
(I think I liked Furio as much as you liked Santa). ;)

Thanks for the great feedback, and for reading.
And we'll always share Blitzen. :D

vanessa jaye said...

LOL@Blitzen. I meant to comment on that in your ms on Blitzen's popularlity.

Seriously, Raine I haven't been that entertained reading in a long time.

And thank you for a kick ass crit.

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