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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Aspire One

Suwheee-t, isn't it? I like my Quickpad, it's great for pushing you ahead in your writing-- with only four lines showing on the screen, it's almost impossible to dawdle.

On the other hand, tinkering is part of the writing process for me--it makes me think on about the plot and characters on a deeper level, which in turns makes the writing go smoother.

The problem with the Quickpad is if feels like I'm going through the story a tad to quickly, skimming the surface, missing stuff, not really connected to the characters. It's like driving down an unfamiliar roadway too fast. Did you just miss your turn-off? Hey look at that- Oops! it's gone.

But I liked the convenience of carrying the Quickpad in my purse, it's fairly light-weight and easy to whip out on the subway train (very important when half the time I work right through lunch and work late, so the writing on the commute is the only writing that gets done on a daily basis).

My laptop I had to lug in a backpack, it weighted more, was inconvenient to pull out on a crowded subway train, and because I drained the battery in ignorance (kept the computer plugged in 24-7 at home) it only lasted about 20 mins before shutting down the few times I was able to take a lunch break and get away from my desk.

This mini-lap top will combine the best of both worlds. And it'll function as an ebook reader! I know most folks who have a 'real' ebook reader, arent' crazy about using the mini-lap top as one (if they have both) but considering I read my ebooks on my lap-top anyways, this will be a big improvement, now I can read them anywhere because the Aspire is much more portable.
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