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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Honestly, Sasha White doesn't need any friendly pimping from this little corner. She's an swesomely talented writer of erotica and erotic romance.

Her brand line is "Romance with heat. Erotica with heart" and she delivers this with every release. Sash's characters are multilayered, often dealing/struggling with some internal hurt and yet are so strong and decisive in many other ways. And the physical scenes reflect this duality.

She has a new release out today.

Here's the blurb:

Kelsey Howard is happy with the single life. She has great friends, a fun job tending bar, and a nice apartment. Not to mention the freedom to enjoy a few wild sex games with strangers—the riskier the better. But what she’s really looking for in the darkness is love.

Then Kelsey realizes she’s got an annonymous stranger watching her every move—and every move she makes is arousing them both. In fact, not only is she not scared, she thinks she may have finally found her soul mate. Especially when she meets the mischievous mystery man in the flesh. That’s when the fun and games really start, and Kelsey realizes just how far she’s prepared to go for love

If you haven't tried Sasha's work yet, give her a try! Excerpts and where to buy info found here.

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