Monday, August 04, 2008

For the industry news from this years RWA Nationals.

It's fun looking at the pictures and reading the posts/twitters on sightings, finally meeting long-time online friends, hook ups for meals, drinks, the literacy signing, etc.,

But I was hoping to read some hard news (or hearsay/gossip) re what agents and editors/publishers want, are planning, think about where stuff is headed for the future, etc.

Maybe Jordan Summer or HelenKay Dimon will have something up when they gets back to blogging. I know Cynthia Sterling will definitely dole out the info over several newsletter spotlights, but dammit I want the info now!
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Dee Tenorio said...

Yeah, I'm all over that too. Of course, I'm also waiting to see what utterly ridiculous complaints will happen. You got to admit, people have been really creative about the things they've been getting mad about over the last few years. :)


vanessa jaye said...

I'm guessing there isn't any froofrauhah(sp?), or we would have heard about it by now. Considering there's been more than enough train wrecks online since January, no tears shed in this corner.

On the other hand, probably somebody somewhere managed to put the wrong foot forward, so the little anonymous tidbits might start up soonish.

But I'm really surprised that nobody has posted about some kick ass workshop they attended, or beaking news, or industry gossip, etc., by now. :-P

I even did a google search and it was unanimously about what a great time the poster was having, who they saw, where they went, what they ate, what they wore, just chatty stuff, no news.

I love the gossipy stuff and most of the posts I'm reading are by folks who I like, so I'm happy they're having a great time. And Nationals was never on my radar as a To Do thing, so absolutely no jealousy in my comments. But I'm thinking about subbing to NY again, eventually, and would to hear the scuttlebut.

Alison Kent said...

Jane @ DA had a short list of industry wants, but I've seen nothing posted anywhere else. I've got quite the full plate, but I still love reading the scoop!

vanessa jaye said...

Can I call em, or can I call em? HelenKay has a post with a bit more meat to it up on her blog.

Alison, I saw D.A.'s post, which just made me a bit more anxious to read something more indepth, because it was so brief. More like a teaser.

I think it might be that the folks who are blogging, have been around awhile, they read the industry news firsthand online, and have gone to many conferences, so this National was really about meeting up with friends, networking and sharing info/theories, than going to workshops. :-P

Gennita said...

I'm sorry, sweets, I didn't really go to a workshop this time, even though I REALLY WANTED TO. But each day was taken up by many other things--editor meetings, book signings, group meetings with author-friends, and uh, that place called Chinatown where I gained 1000lbs gobbling up Malaysian food.

But there was this controversy. I really need to start a shit storm about it, I really do. There were these women taking pictures of shoes and cleavages. Just those. Aren't women more than shoes and cleavages? How demeaning for romance writers! And to my horror, those who were asked obliged by showing off their shoes of the moment AND their cleavages! I was shocked. What's next? Boob Massage project? Oh, wait, that's been done in a Science Fiction Convention. Hmm.

BTW, some of those cleavages are magnificently displayed at www.ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com. And that's all the controversy report you're going to get from me. ;-)

Gennita said...


Of course I didn't participate. Nope, not me. :::slity eyes:::

vanessa jaye said...

Gennita, thanks for that link. lol. Love the pics.

"Of course I didn't participate. Nope, not me."

Hmmm... ::skeptical::

Gennita said...

I also took notes of the excellent Brockway luncheon speech about the journey of Super Writer. I'll try to find them and put them on the writing blog.

vanessa jaye said...

That would be excellent, Gennita!

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