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Thursday, August 07, 2008

I don't actually read a lot of contemps, even though that's what I write, but I'm getting the sense that for single title length straight contemporary romances, a lot of them are veering more towards woman's fiction in feel and tone with a strong romance subplot or a 50%-50% split between story/romance.

Anyone else seeing this?
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raine said...


Not sure about the 50/50 split of it--but yup.

vanessa jaye said...

So it's not just me, or the ST-length Contemps I've picked up over the last couple of years.

I'm fairly open- minded and the authors I chose very skilled at their writing, plus I really enjoyed their voice, so ending up with Woman's Fiction instead of a Romance didn't bother me much--in fact many of those books ended up as keepers--but I can see why some folks are saying contemps are languishing in the market....

If peeps want romance, that what they should get. This is the same problem with some UFs that are marketed as romance, but aren't or Erotic-Romances, that are really erotica, or even--a couple of years ago--chick-lit being marketed as romance.

By 50/50 I meant how some romantic-suspense are half suspense story/half romance. Seems like the contemporary romances that are written in 1st person point of follow a 75/25 or even 80/20 split of heroine personal story arc vs the romance develpment.

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