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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sorry for the absence, I'm still getting over this stupid, stupid cold. I'm like a phlegm farm. yuk. Aside from that, in the last couple of days I've been spending time with some long time bestfriends (a different friend each day). I REALLY needed that time-- it's like going back to the well, filling up on support, love, laughter. Nothing like it, especially when with peeps you've known you since you were kids (definitely more than half you life).

I did manage to get in some good reading (not even attempting my usual half-assed reviewed, suffice it to say that I loved the following books enough to recommend them).

Lynn Viehl's Evermore:

Loved it! Twilight Falls is next up.

I'm very late to this party, but finally read Memoires of a Geisha.

What a fantastic read! Historical type fiction with a romance subplot, that takes place in Asian, is a favourite genre/subgenre of mine-- so this book pushed that pleasure button dead-on for me.
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HelenKay said...

Feel better!

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks, Helen, I'm working on it!

Hope you're feeling better, yourself. :-)

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