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Saturday, August 09, 2008

At 3:35pm on Thursday I sneezed once, but it was big sneeze. Forceful. And came out of nowhere. Aside from a high amount of stress that I’ve been dealing with, I was fine health-wise and even got to the gym twice earlier in the week.

Anywho, 25 minutes after that initial sneeze, it felt like someone tippy-toed up behind me and suddenly whacked me upside the head with a cootie stick. From zero to scratchy throat, headache/light-headedness and stuffy nose, in 60 seconds. I'll be spending the weekend trying to get better. We're uber busy at work and I can't afford any time off.

K', enough of that.

Some interesting news. This week, I walked into a Chapters-Indigo bookstore downtown (First Canadian Place, for interested parties) and saw Samhain books on the shelf--Lora Leigh's Lovin Lies, Larissa Ione's Snow Bound, and Jess Dee's Ask Adam. WoOt! Great for those ladies! And also gives me hope for seeing Felicity on the shelves here next May.

I struck up a conversation with the cashier to find out how the books got on the shelves, since that store seemed like the only one in the vast Chapter-Indigo national chain of stores (think Barns and Noble) who had them in stock. Turns out she's the one who does the ordering of stock for the store (woOt!). She said she was trying to beef-up her romance selection and thought these books sounded good, then she asked me to tell her more about the publisher (ahem. Bet yo ass I pimped Samhain up like it was a high-class Dubai-quality hired-by-the-week hooker).

I didn't mention that I'm published by them (I'm still weirded out re promoting myself, but when spring rolls around, no bones about it, I will be playing the 'local author' card.

Next. Here are the books I've read and enjoyed in the last little while:

Lisa Kleypas’s SUGAR DADDY.

Loved it! It’s a DIK! (I read it in a 24 hr period—which included the hours put in at work—and barely refrained from re-reading it immediately.) I can’t wait for Blue-Eyed Devil to be released in paperback. One quibble, though, this is one of those contemporary romances that read more like woman’s fic. Sadly, I don’t see any future contemporaries listed on her site. :-/

Cry Wolf.

You can read the glowing reviews all over the place. I did enjoy it, but I liked Alpha & Omega (novella) better. Not sure if I’ll continue with the series, but this was definitely a good read.

Death of a Dentist by M.C. Beaton.

Got this one from the library. I love this Hamish MacBeth cozy series. They’re comfort reads for me, but I can’t read them back to back because certain info is repeated in each book.

Gail Carson Levine’s FAIREST.

She also wrote Ella Enchanted. Really enjoyed reading how the heroine came into her own in this one. A great YA read.

Benjamin Black’s The Lemur.

The title and cover art caught my eye. It’s one of those books with ‘a novel’ as subtitle, but if you read the blurb it sounds like a mystery. I think it’s more of a character study a la The Great Gatsby. I loved the author’s elegant prose. Yeah, I know, the Gatsby comparison coupled with the ‘elegant prose’ comment just struck a death knell to many peeps interest. Ha!

At the mo’ I’m reading Kristin Higgins’ JUST ONE OF THE GUYS.

Again, more woman’s fic, than romance, but since I know what to expect (or not to expect, as the case may be) and I love this author’s voice, so I’m fine with it.
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Gennita said...

Aha! You should blame Marjorie Liu for the cold. She started it all.

Hope you feel better. It's a nasty one. I should know.

vanessa jaye said...

The last 4 days have been no fun, that's for sure. :/

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