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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The executive producers of Criminal Minds are aiming to bring back Hawaii Five-O! squeee!!

I loved this show as a kid and I had a major crush on Jack Lord's Steve McGarrett and his cool-ass Elvisesque pompadour and side-burns.

"The name's McGarrett, and the title is Mister!"

His side kick Boy-wonder, erm.. Danny 'Dano' Williams (heh) wasn't bad on the eyes either.

Note to: toolish Horatio Caine, McGarrett did the original sunglasses & sqinty-eyes move. And he did it right. dumb-ass ).

But most of all I loved the theme song (they better bring that back, or all bets are off!)

Now if they would only bring back Ironside.....

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Gennita said...

Sheesh, now you've put that theme song in my head all night. Thanks!

Loved Hawaii Five'O, made me aware of surfing and sexy surfers! Now if they would bring back Rifleman.

raine said...

Oh, hey--I luvs me some Horatio, lol.

But SQUEEE on the big Five-O!! Oh, yeahhh!!!

I LOVED that show!! Very few people were EVER as cool as McGarrett. (Book 'em, Danno! Yah!).
(there was a joke, you know, that Jack Lord had enough oil in his hair to keep every car in America lubed for DECADES, lol).
But who cares. LOVED the show.
Hope they do it, and do it right. :-)

Anonymous said...

If they do this, PLEASE let them do it right :) My aunt loved this show and Never Missed it. I had a crush on Dano. As for the song? We used to play this in band - it was so much fun!!!


vanessa jaye said...

Sorry about the earworm, Gennita, but at least it's upbeat/energetic. :-)

I never saw the Rifleman. Was it on the same time as The Monkees? =:-O. *gg*

Raine- "luvs me some Horatio" Ack! He's sooooooo tooooooooooolish! lol. And why does that blonde chick were white (& high heels) to murder scenes? And why does that coroner chick with the massive overbite cry over all the corpses? Ack! *g*

I totally believe that about Jack's hair. lol.

Susan - That's what I'm praying too, 'pleasepleaseplease let them do this right'. The original was on for 12 yrs. Danno was an absolute cutie pie, but even pre-pubescent me, realized that McGarrett was teh man!

raine said...

LMAO, yes, the coroner chick does talk to dead people--and their director obviously gets a nut by having the blonde chick pointing big guns and shooting...but I still love Horatio (who, I believe, is secretly an albino Pinocchio all grown up, but doesn't matter...).

But you're right. McGarret was the MAN. :)

SusanL said...

I was Very Young and did not yet comprehend "teh Man" ;)

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