What Fresh Hell is This?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Subtitle: Torso-rific man-titty mania.

Sub-subtitle: Toools with smooooth moooooves.

I remember the original old skool joint, who sang it? Sounds like some ish Keith Sweat-gonna-make-you-sweat was flinging around. (Just checked, it's by H-Town, who also sang the less successful "Lick U Up").

At the 1:12 point keep your eyes to the right of the screen and you will be rewarded with multiple explosions in your head that will render you speechless. (These types of momemts never involve in a bang, but a whimper. Usually yours).

OMG, those high-heeled elf boots! They were the hotness back then. And, Oh yes you sooo did wear them with a short skirt (and fishnet stockings, just to be really classy). Bonus points for the metallic (p)leather finish.

Thank Zod and blessed be to Krypton that those years are long gone.

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Totally unrelated.... BATMAN is out!!!!!
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Amie Stuart said...

MY EYES!!!!!!!! OMG MY EYES!!!!!!! Boy bands on steriods

raine said...


I never did. Never, ever, never did wear the high-heeled elf boots.
And they weren't fishnets.
They were "patterned."

vanessa jaye said...

"Boy bands on steriods"

Amie - More like on viagra! :-P

Raine- I stand corrected! I totally forgot about those 'patterned' hose. lol.

We're seeing BATMAN tomorrow!!

Gennita said...

Couldn't wear them on roofs. And how come the other two didn't take off their shirts?

vanessa jaye said...

Genn- I don't think the other two were all that ripped... :-P

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