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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today is the release day for Felicity Stripped Bare!! At the time of this posting they haven't updated the Newest Releases page yet (that'll probably happen by noon), but here's the Samhain page for Felicity! Weeeeeeee!!

My lovely webdesigner was up till 3 am last night, I was up till 1am and we were both up at 6am, but there's just one more little hump to get over and the site should be live later on today.

Stay tuned....

And OMG! AztecLady reveiwed Felicity Stripped Bare over on Karen Knows Best!

"..They are both painted so well, their feelings and struggles—internal, with each other, with their past, with their families—so real, that my heart was in my throat more than once while reading this novel."

"Felicity Stripped Bare is a winner for me. Here’s hoping to see many more such novels by Ms Jaye in the future."

Go Read The Rest!!!

Dang, I gotta jam outta here and get to work! I'm late!

UPDATE: 07.08.08 - Felicity is officially on the Samhain New Releases page.
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Jorrie Spencer said...


Btw, the specific Samhain link is no longer working, once the book goes live the link changes.

Lynn Viehl said...

Happy new/first release day, rookie. I've waited a whole year to write that in your comments. :)

To chime in with Jorrie, when you get a chance, put up links to the new Samhain page and definitely one for online order so visitors can click and buy you.

I just downloaded my personal copy of Felicity from and it came through beautifully. Can't wait to read it.

Amie Stuart said...

Congratulations babe and happy release day!

Sasha White said...

YAY!! COngratulations, Babe! You done Great!

Gennita said...

Congratulations, girl, and yes, me likee your new site design. Next step: secret handshake ;-).

raine said...

Huge congratulations, sweetie!

That book kicks ass, you rock, and I'm just so dang happy for you!

Live long and write more. ;)

Karen Scott said...

I can say I knew you when...


vanessa jaye said...

Thank you, Jorrie! & thanks for the tip on the links, they've been fixed.

Lynn--you amazing woman! (who've I've just realized that I've spelt your last name incorrectly elsewhere. :-P sorry!) Thank you sooo much for the support! btw, you might enjoy one of Anne Fraiser's (aka Theresa Weir) romance and suspense books. ;)

Amie- Thank you, babes!

Sasha - luv you. Thanks for being there.

Gennita - regarding that secret handshake, it won't need a 'personal trainer' from the 'spa' will it? hehehee. Thanks, hon!

Karen--thank you. and thanks for helping to get the word out re the review on your site!

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