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Monday, June 16, 2008

I took the day off. The big 11' ft wide picture window in my living started leaking like crazy during the rain storms yesterday. Ironic because I was sitting there on the sofa, looking out to the backyard through the patio doors as the rain came down in sheets and feeling sorry for the folks in the States who were experiencing historic flood levels. Then I realize the rain sounded extra loud in the room. OMG, did I leave the window open?

Worse. I discovered the leak(s). Can I just take a moment to thank the great god of duct tape? Not that it held, but it staunched the flow considerable. There's thunderstorms forecast to move through the area this afternoon/evening and again on Wednesday, so I'm off to Home Depot now to learn all about caulking windows. Ahhh, the joys of homeownership for the single girl. :-/
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raine said...

Ahhh, the joys of homeownership for the single girl. :-/

I feel ya!! It can be SO hard.
But it can also be liberating...

Caulking is easy, once you get the hang of it, but may be tricky to find one that'll work if the frame is still damp, hon.
Also check out the roof above the window. The problem may be there (as I found out the hard way--sob!).

They say that, once the human race is nuked out, the roaches, disposable diapers, and duct tape will still be here...

vanessa jaye said...

I Am Woman. See me pick up the damn phone and call the professionals for quotes. *gg*

Where to start, after spending $64 at Home Depot and caulking and tools, I get home pull the duct tape off from the inside frame, only to have part of the frame pull away from the window. (It's a snap on finishing peice, but still it was a bitch getting back in place.) I go outside to start scraping away the old caulking (although I'm not 100% sure exactly where the leak is coming from) and I notice a wasp is setting up house under the awning beside the window. =:-O

Some Raid and a very long broom handle later, the nest is gone, but the caulking is sticky and ain't going to be removed that easily, on top of that, the sky looks very overcast and I start debating the wisdom of starting something I can't finish before the rain comes (nevermind the caulking needs a minium of 2 hrs to dry, plus the area should be dry/clean before putting the new caulking down. And did I mention I wasn't sure exactly where the leak was coming in from?

Which brings me to the next problem, part of the exterior aluminum frame is loose. Not sure how to re-attach it, but dollars to donuts it involves a masonary drill, etc.

At that point, I was done. I put in a call for places that specialize in small repair jobs like this.

Oh, I put up duct tape along the top edge of the window outside. :-P lol. No-one can see it under the awning and hopefully it holds until someone gets here.

vanessa jaye said...

I should also add the storm screwed up the phone lines, we have static like we're calling from a cave deep in the inner slobovia mountains. :-P

Also, the only professional to return my (staticky) phonecall, can't come by till Friday. Did I mention that there's more storms forecast for this evening AND Wednesday.

Phone repair guy coming tomorrow between 8am-12pm. I don't think I need to be home for that. But my son will be here. I'll have to take another vacation day for Friday though. >:-(

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