Hell's Kitchen - Buh-bye Jen

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am I the only one around here watching Hell's Kitchen? (And the deliciously fouled-mouth, cantankerous, Gordon Ramsay --man could give Luke Perry a run for his money in the forehead pleats department.)

Can you believe that Jen? For those of you who weren't watching, they were down to the final four. Gordon instructed them to nominate 2 peeps from the group to go up for the chopping block; so they decide to each write down their choices (anonymously) on paper and they'd just tally the votes up. The 2 peeps with the most votes are tagged.

So what do you think Jen does? She writes down Christina's name TWICE. lol. What a dumbass. She thought no one would notice? But that's Jen, sneaky. You know that saying 'Humble in victory; gracious in defeat?' Jen has never heard it. She put the SORE in sore loser. Just ugly.

I was so happy to see her mean-spirited, bad-minded, selfish, big-mouthed self get booted.

Petrozza has been flying under radar up until this point, I think he just might take it, him or Corey. I'm not sure Christina is Executive Chef material, not in terms of talent, but management/leadership skills.
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Amie Stuart said...

Corey's not any better than Jen IMO--and OMG am I SO GLAD to see that witch gone!!!! Petrozza....I think it's going to come down to him and Christina but I think he'll take it based on experience.

vanessa jaye said...

I'll agree that Corey is a backstabbing hypocrite, but she's minor league compared to Jen.

Then again, editing is everything. ::shrug:: Whenever Jen is now, hopefully she's filling that big mouth with a big slice of humble pie.

Dee Tenorio said...

I love Petrozza and I hope he takes it. He's never actually done much wrong in the kitchen except go gooey over hot chicks and be a slob, lol.

I was shocked Jen stuck around this long but it was definitely time.


vanessa jaye said...

And Petrozza hasn't had any truly assholic/backstabbing moments. He's been ticked off a time or two, but I can't remember him trash talking or being boasting. He was always genuinely happy to get a good word from Ramsay, but he never gloated or got puffed up.

Dev said...

It's way past time for Jen to go. I've been rooting for her to be booted for weeks now.

At this point I'm not sure who to root for. Corey has stepped up and showed some real leadership; but on the other hand she'll turn around and talk about someone behind their backs, which shows her immaturity and how she is definitely not ready for a leadership kind of role.

Petrozza hasn't stabbed anyone in the back, but he's a slob. I'm not sure how he would do being put in charge of a kitchen.

Christina has no experience so I'm not sure how you can place her in charge of a group of people in the kitchen who more than likely have more experience than she does.

It's anybody's game now, I guess. I just want Jen gone.

vanessa jaye said...

So it wasn't just me! lol. Or maybe I was looking at the wrong blogs.

I swear I jumped up off the sofa and pumped my fist in the air when Chef said bye-bye to Jen.

Dev, you've broken it down pretty well, but for some reason I think it will be Corey and Petrozza as the final two, for the exact reasons you mention re Christina and her lack of experience.

That scene when she came back from her shopping trip and the other 3 totally igored her (immature imo), I can see being played out again and again in real life. And it was telling that Petrozza was the one who spoke up and told her what she could do.

Gennita said...

Gordon Ramsay is mine. Now piss off.


vanessa jaye said...

Well, f*ck me. Did that !#%! tart Gennita come ere and #@$%!!try 'n nick my bloke? I'll tell you right now, I ain't *#$%! ahvenit.

Now sod off, missy. We'll be liking some privacy. RAMSey's about to live up to his name, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

On a more serious note. I missed Tuesday show, but it's down to Christina and Petrozza now. At this point I'd say it's anyone's game.

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