The dangers of being a cheapskate.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The post title is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I'm not a cheapskate, per se, just on a bit of a budget.

So the new website is being done for as little as possible (ie 'free' or there abouts).

My writing buddy, Katrina, is doing an awesome job with it and I can't wait to unveil the site (luv it!luv it!luv it!).

But.... we ran into a little snag recently.

I chose a stock image for the header that I really love. I don't want to change it. Even seeing it on another (not romance/book related) site didn't dissuade me from getting it.

Well guess what I saw as the cover art on an upcoming release for another author (at my own publisher, to boot, just to make this even more amusing, *sob*)? I cringe a tiny bit every time I see it, but what can you do?

Until I can afford an image I love just as much, the header stays. Thank goodness Samhain isn't one of those pubs who constantly recycle cover art. Nevertheless, I'll have to keep my eyes open for a replacement image from a site that might charge more but at least a situation like this will be less likely. I know Alison Kent did an blog post (or several) on website/blog design years ago. I can't find the relevant post, but this is one occurence she covered regarding having unique (exclusive?)imagery that made your site stand out. Good point, now well-taken. :-P
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raine said...

My, my.
You seem to be encountering all possible issues in your first time out, dontcha? :O

vanessa jaye said...

I just tell myself, it could be worse. :-P (knock on wood, fingers crossed)

Dee Tenorio said...

It could be. Rae just found another book at another pub that has my same cover image. There's a temptation to be bummed, but really, it's stock and it's expected that occasionally these things will happen.

The trick is what you DO with the image. Scott Carpenter made the same image look so fabulously bad ass that the covers aren't even comparable. (Appologies to that author, but really, mine is prettier, lol)

So, keep your stock image. But change it to suit YOU. If you like, I can do something with it for you. Believe me, photoshop is your friend. :)


vanessa jaye said...

Hey, Deedle, thanks hon. The header is what it is, unfortunately (although, I shouldn't say 'unfortunately' because I do love the design). On the other hand the cover artist did do things to the picture that might downplay the similarities of the image, and there's other stuff going on in the header that will furture differentiate. It just kinda takes the wind out of my sails a bit, that's all.

I'll almost over my pout. lol.

Alison Kent said...

And yet my own site's splash page image is one I've seen all over. I think they way mine is used is unique (I didn't do the design) and I did have it first, heh, so what do I know!

vanessa jaye said...

And yet my own site's splash page image is one I've seen all over.

Now this suprises me. Maybe it's the way the image has been manipulated, Alison, but I don't readily recognize it. Besides, I think on your site/splash place it's more about an overall seductive/sensuous feeling than about the image.

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