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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's going good. I'm at about the half-way point. On the week-end thre were so many times I was tempted to post a little snippet or excerpt, but I somehow managaged to restrain myself. I said it before, but I really, really, like these characters. All of them, not just Daniel and Felicity. I knew there was a lot of heat between the H/h, but forgot about several interludes.... it's not an erotic romance, but it's plenty steamy.

'K, enough of the head-swell stuff. *g* Promblems? Yup. Some story structure things bug me. Some I don't think can be fix without a lot of effort. Besides, they never bothered me before, and no previous crit partner/beta reader mentioned them before, so it's probably not that big of a problem.

Other problems with the story was due to previous slicing and dicing, where character introspection/emotion/dialogue wasn't quite consistent when you looked at the way a scene developed in the linear. So those bits needed to be snipped and rewritten.

Apart from the edits, I printed out a first draft of an werewolf novella I was working on a couple of years ago. I put it aside because I wanted to concentrate on writing single title contemps. A writting buddy thinks that the reason I haven't been able to settle on a second ms and finish it, is because of second book syndrome. I wasn't really buying that reason because I was well on my way to finish my second ms when I got derailed by some real life stuff. A lot of the negative stuff that was going on in real life has been resolved and I do feel more myself, but the writing is still struggling, so I'm giving her suggestion a try--tackle something smaller.

The novella is at about 50 pages mostly single spaced, and it's pretty rough. But it has good bones and, previously, I wrote an outline for the rest of the story till the end. So I've been reading the novella on the commute into work and on my lunch just to reaquaint myself with the story, but that's definitely my next project. And if I make it a trilogy I might have a chance at a single author antho.

That's all my ramblings for now. This post is typo riddled, but I wrote it on the fly and don't have time to re-read it. Gotta leave for the office. Sorry.
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raine said...

But it has good bones...And if I make it a trilogy I might have a chance at a single author antho.

This is just sounding SO familiar, lol. ;)

vanessa jaye said...

This is just sounding SO familiar, lol.

::shamed:: lol.

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