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Sunday, February 03, 2008

I posted the synopsis of Felicity Stripped Bare below, because I noticed, from my stat reports, that some visitors were coming straight from Samhain, and others were going straight from here to my publisher. Could just be a coincidence, but considering my signature line for all the messageboards and loops I'm on contain a link to here as well as the title and release date of FSB, stands to reason that *maybe* some peeps are looking for some more info. I'll be setting up a section in the sidebar that will link to the synopsis as well as any online excerpts, or anything related to the book.

Don't bother pointing out that if I had a wordpress site, I could have this all on one page. It'll happen. Eventually.

Sorry, folks. As the time approaches there'll probably be more marketing-type posts here. It can't be helped. But since I'd rather do the minimum amount of marketing for the maximum amount of result, (feel free to replace 'minimum' with 'none') don't worry about this turning into a 24-7 MYBOOK!MYBOOK!MYBOOK post-a-thon until July. :-p

Synopses suck. I hate writing them. They never seem adequate. Plus I wanted to something a little different than the syn/blurb I sent into Samhain.

As for the edits, they continue. I lost a page in there somewhere from tightening stuff up, so feeling pretty good about that.

No progress on the wip this weekend, though. sux.
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