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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jane Ann Krentz's ALL NIGHT LONG (hardcover clearance, although I'm almost sure I've already bought this one and it's buried under Mount TBR.) JAK is a favourite author/comfort read, so I expect I'll really enjoy this one, especially as it's been awhile since I've reader a book by her.

Publishers Weekly
Krentz's latest fast-paced, well-plotted romantic thriller takes place in the tiny Napa Valley village of Dunster-perhaps named after the Amanda Quick heroine Emma Dunster. A mysterious e-mail from a childhood friend, Pamela Webb, draws big-city reporter Irene Stenson home, but when Irene arrives, Pamela is dead, apparently of a drug overdose. Handsome but damaged ex-Marine Luke Danner, who owns the lodge where Irene is staying, helps her look into the case.

Anne Douglas's ACCIDENTALLY WERE? Read this one last night. Not as scorching as I thought it'd be, nor as focused on the romance. Also hero not as Alpha I thought he'd be. Seeing a pattern here re making assumptions? Still it was fun romp.

A bit of the publisher's blurb: Pearl Gordon wakes up after her first ever one-night stand to an empty bed, a plethora of love bites, and every stray canine in town serenading her bedroom window. Something's not right -- neither the dogs, nor the strange canine tooth marks in the middle of all the hickeys she now wears around her neck make any sense.

Jordan Summers' OFF LIMITS. From skimming through this one it looks fast paced with well-developed characters. But that's what I'd expect from Jordan.

ATF special agent Delaney Carter despises flying…yet she's landed an undercover gig as a flight attendant! Unfortunately, all the bags of nuts in the world can't disguise the fact that she's the worst in history. But when her assignment—former arms dealer Jack Gordon—boards the plane, Delaney suspects that being trapped in a hunk of airborne metal at 30,000 feet isn't such a bad idea after all.

Lisa Landolt's GOOD MAN HUNTING. The cover and title caught my eye on this one. Cute premise, easy writing style. Not sure if there's a 'real' romance in this one, but it's another one I'm looking forward to reading.

Book Description

Sandra Greene knows men don't go for women like her: the invisible ones, the plain ones.... But her life is changed forever when, at an old friend's wedding, she meets the wealthy socialites of the Hunt Club. They proudly claim they made that wedding possible, and they make Sandra an offer no woman can refuse.

At first it all seems too wonderful to be true as she changes her life and is about to get her guy—until the FBI steps in asking questions. Just how far will these women go to get what they want? That's when Sandra begins to realize that matchmaking is really murder...possibly in more ways than one!

Lauren Groff's THE MONSTERS OF TEMPLETON. The cover art totally caught my eye. The title's intriguing and the plot sounds off-beat enough that I picked this one up.

From the Publisher
“The day I returned to Templeton steeped in disgrace, the fifty-foot corpse of a monster surfaced in Lake Glimmerglass.” So begins The Monsters of Templeton, a novel spanning two centuries: part a contemporary story of a girl’s search for her father, part historical novel, and part ghost story, this spellbinding novel is at its core a tale of how one town holds the secrets of a family.

I'm currently reading Karen Rose's DIE FOR ME and lovin it, for the most part with just a few minor quibbles.

Book Description: The first victim is found in a snow-covered Philadelphia field. Detective Vito Ciccotelli enlists the aid of archaeologist Sophie Johannsen to determine exactly what lies beneath the frozen ground. ...The killer... is cold and calculating, the master of a twisted game. Even with Vito and Sophie hot on his trail, he will not stop. One more empty grave must be filled, and one last scream must be heard-the scream of an archaeologist who is too close for comfort and too near to resist...DIE FOR ME

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Jordan Summers said...

Thanks J! I hope you like it.

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I'm sure I will. From the parts I skimmed it reads like a bigger book (ie, ST) and I know you can write a damn fine/hawt lovescene, so no worries there, either. ;-)

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