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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Setting: Homely scene. Son at the dining room table on the laptop. Jaye in the kitchen, washing up.

DS: Hey mom, what's taint?

Jaye: ::silence:: erm what's the context? ::whispering to self- 'Please,please,please, mean what I hope, and not what I fear.'::

DS: I just read a comment by this guy who wrote that he 'wanted to punch someone in the taint'.

Jaye: ::thinking - 'Just as I feared.' ::

Jaye: clears her throat....

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raine said...

Oh well--I learned something...
I'd never heard it called that!

vanessa jaye said...

I believe, just like me you've never had reason to call it anything. lol. Only reason I knew what he meant is because I just too darn curious for my own good and surf onto sites I probably shouldn't. :-P

Amie Stuart said...

Ok My stomach just flip-flopped...and I had no idea what it meant either!

vanessa jaye said...

So how bad is it that I wonder if this term has ever been used in an erotic romance.... heh.

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