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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm being opportunistic and lazy innovative and creative by blogging this email exchange, because I need a post and I have no time or energy to come up with one.

----- Original Message ----
From: Amie Stuart
To: jaye
Subject: chikezee

Hit a home run ::happy face redacted::


From: jaye
To: Amie
Subject: Re: chikezee

heh. I was going to come by your blog but it's month-end at work and I'm still trying to push through my edits. But yeah, he totally rocked it. And the guy who sang 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' also brought it home.

But by and far, the kid David kicked serious ass. He did John Lennon, dude! And he OWNED IT. Kid reminds me of a care bear, so cute and giggle and positive. blech. lol. Kidding. He comes across of genuinely nice, which is nice. And he's got major, MAJOR TALENT. No straining, no pitchy problems. Great song choices. He hasn't had one bad moment from day one.

Simon's right, he's the one to beat.

The rest of the guys for the most part were a snore. I kept thinking, where's the passion? Where's the power in your voices?

Michael Johns. What were you thinking? You let me down and you're my guy. I still love your sexy accent, mate.

Simon, while I agreed with 99% of the things you said. Man, you're harsh. Cruel, even. Not necessary, dawg.

btw, what the hell is in Paula's water bottle? She was fairly lucid at the begining of the episode, but as the show progress, everthing coming out of her mouth sounded like babble.

She reminds me of those crit partners that tell you how awesomeful you are! and how much they love your voice! But gloss over the fact that you need some serious work on your grammar skills and that your hero is a raging asshole.

Castro is on the cutting block (even though I lurrve that Andy Gibb song!).
So is the Axle Rose wannabe drag racing 'rock star' (Caricco?).
I'm not sure who else will be on the chopping block for the guys, I'm blanking, That's how unmemorable the others were.
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Amie Stuart said...

>>Not necessary, dawg.


And I totally HAD to give you a hard time about Chikezee!

I blogged early this Am on the show. And Paula OMG she wants to hang David from her rearview mirror? I nearly pissed myself--but not near as much as I nearly pissed myself when Chikezee sang. Man that was PER-FECTO!!!!!!!

Okay I think Jason Yeager (PLEASE send his ass home--he's os smarmy I HATE HIM) is going home and Luke Menard should be sent home for that (forgive me God) poor drag queen's imitation of Queen he did.

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I like Chikezee, Amie. I just liked effing up his name more. lol. But now that he told the story about the meaning of his name, I don't feel right about mispelling Chicikeeziyee. heh.

Yeah, I agree with about the Queen song. Freddy with the ultimate showman, passionate, fun and had killer singer chops. You can't do his songs unless you come correct.

I have a feeling Michael Johns is going to be nominated but will stay based on the strength of his previous performances. What did Yeager sing? Is he the a capella guy?

Amie said...

Yes on Yeager!! he is.

LOL@you. You're bad

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