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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A tip of the hat to Monica Jackson's Author Calming Reviewer Visualization Aids'.

I made it through a little over 60 pages yesterday. It would have been more but there was a love-scene in there that I got stuck on. heh.

Not what you're thinking! I was not distracted! When I initially wrote this scene I was so proud of it, it was so hawt and as proof.... it was 25 pages long!

I think love-scene pages should have some sort of correlation to the hero's inches. The more pages, the more inches.

So unless the reader has some sort of masochistic skewer death fetish, she's going to take heel and run leaving that scene behind. Maybe it was the fact that I SLOGGED through a book earlier in the week that was chockfull of love scenes and kissing scenes that really didn't add to the sexual heat/tension, particularly once the main thrust (heh) of the conflict had been overcome. I skimmed most of them, and I probably should thank the author for giving me ample warning to skip the love-scenes by making the make-out scenes so interminably looooooong, torturously emotional, pedantically detailed and overly written.

And that was just kissing. :-P

I was all love-scene'd out by the time I got around to the one in my wip.

Every time I've touched this scene since first writing it, it’s been snipped. I still think it's great scene, but what the hell was I thinking at 25 pages? With a lot of nipping and tweaking I managed to cut one more page from it yesterday and it's now down to 10. *g* That includes from the very fist kiss, undressing, dialogue, etc. I think I've cut as much as I can without losing heat and emotion.

Back to the editing cave.
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vanessa jaye said...

I'm knocking it off a bit earlier tonight. Think I'm crossed eyed at this point, and almost sure I throwing in as much typos as I'm taking out. :-P

Only 40 pages today, but I had all that fiddling with two posts for SFT to do (It's still trial and error with wordpress for me.) Plus I've just bucked up against the next major lovescene and don't think I'm up to tackling another one right now. Not sure if I'll be finished tomorrow, but with only 78 pages left to go, I'll be pretty darn close.

Gennita said...

That picture? Teh Awesome. Remember, too, that it can be the reverse: You can be SMOTHERING your love-manuscript by editing it to death ;-). Just a bit of unasked for advice, solly.

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, have you been hanging with Sheila/PBW and Raine? >:[

I really, really, needed to do an in-depth edit. I can't believe some of the scariness I came across. I'm done now YIPPPEEEEEEEEE!!! But I still want to do on last paper edit as much as i can before sending the ms back to the edit. And that's only because I'm sure I edited in a bunch of typos from all the tweaking I did.

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